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CNC (Computer Numerical Control) describes the process in which a computer converts the design created by CAD (Computer Aided Design) software into numbers. The numbers are considered as the coordinates of a graph and they regulate the movement of the cutter. In this manner, the computer controls the cutting and shaping of the material. CNC basically means to how a machine controls its basic method of movement.
CNC is a modern concept in the production and manufacturing industries. However, the concept of CNC dates back to the basic idea of NC (numerical control). The first commercial NC machines were built in the 1950's and ran from punched tape. While the concept immediately proved it could reduce expenses, it was so different that it was very slow to catch on with manufacturers. By the end of the 50's, NC was starting to get popular, though there were still a number of issues. These issues were soon improved with both analog and digital computers. The introduction of computer technology into the concept of numerical control led to what we now know as Computer Numerical Control.
Students having knowledge in basic math, mechanical aptitude, good analytical skill, and ability to read blue prints and drawings are ideal participants of CNC training. Furthermore, they should follow the given steps in order to master the CNC training:

• Learn the Basic CNC Concepts
• Learn Basic Tooling and Work holding.
•  Learn Enough G-Code and CNC Machine Basics to Use a CNC Like a Manual Machine Tool.
• Learn CAD So You Can Draw Your Parts.
• Learn CAM Software to Generate G-Code.
• Put It All Together to Make a Part.
After completing CNC training, students are rewarded with many lucrative opportunities. Many elite companies in India and abroad are looking for CNC professionals. So there is huge scope and demand for the budding CNC professionals to shower their skills. Skilled manpower is the need of the day, and is an appealing career option for students with expertise in the technology. So, if students want a rewarding and shining career, they can think of joining CNC Training.
CETPA is the ISO 9001:2015 certified training company which provides superior quality CNC Training as well other training in latest technologies. The company provides industry oriented CNC Training where students are prepared for the industrial job. The course content of CNC Training is designed from basic to advanced levels. CETPA is equipped with best state of the art systems to provide CNC Training to participants in Noida and other branches. CETPA’s training programs are skills oriented and hands on training to enhance employability in the industry. CETPA has basically designed the CNC Training course content for the fresher as well as experienced to get the placement in major MNC companies as soon as they complete the CNC Training course CNC Training by CETPA is delivered on short term as well as long term basis. Further it has certain added benefits in comparison to other training companies:

• CETPA provides revised and restructured course materials of CNC Training to match the needs of current industry requirements.
• Provides placement assistance in top MNCs after completion of CNC Training which boosts the confidence of the individuals.
• Courses are taught by industry experts working in a professional environment.
• Online CNC Training classes to benefit the foreign as well as Indian students with virtual learning of the technology.
The applications of CNC technology is widely used in various companies like: 

• Hitachi
• Toyoda
• Hyundai
• Metal Craft
• Okuma

Hence, if students want to join these companies, they must think of enrolling for CNC training.
The horizon of knowledge in CNC can be broadened by acquiring knowledge from various sources and by getting CNC training from the experts. Below mentioned are some of the links which can help the students to get a broader view of the subject:

• https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numerical_control
• http://www.brighthubengineering.com/manufacturing-technology/55787- what-is- the-cnc- machine-how- cnc-machine- works/
• http://www.technologystudent.com/cam/cnccut1.html
CETPA is the place where talent and skills of a student gets reflected in terms of the placement offered to the students. CETPA is proud to be the best training school in “High end technologies” coupled with excellent placement opportunities provided to students in top MNCs. The main focus of 6 months industrial training and internship program offered by CETPA is to benefit the trainee with the industrial exposure as well as experience. Ansys software testing certification is very helpful in grabbing the best job opportunity from the Indian and foreign based IT companies.

It has a well established placement wing which caters to the need of the students and brings in the top companies with excellent job offers to fulfil the student’s desire. CETPA has the privilege of hosting campus placement of companies like SONY, Ea Sports, Daffodils, etc. (to name a few...).

Below mentioned is the link containing list of placed students in top companies. Please visit the link for more information on placements. Click Here.

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