A data scientist is one of the fastest-growing and highest paid jobs in tech. No matter where you are from, across all lines of work, you cannot deny coming across Data Science. You might not understand data science and all that comes along with it, but you cannot deny that the impact of Data Science is enormous, and it mostly changes things around it for good.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the important things about Data Science.

Data Science can be broadly classified into three categories.

(a) Descriptive Analytics – as the name suggests, is describing the pieces of information that are uncovered from the data pool,

(b) Predictive Analytics – again as the name suggests, forecasting about the events that could happen based on historical data

(c) Prescriptive Analytics – gives you solutions or prescriptions in rectifying actions for desired results.

High school Math is necessary for Data Science.

Matrix calculations, Set Theory, derivatives, linear transformations, functions, vectors, etc. are extremely crucial to understand the theory behind statistical methods and programming. Therefore, before starting your next book it’s crucial to review all those concepts again.

Data science involves multiple disciplines

The reason that you may not need a degree in data science, and why data scientists are so highly sought after, is because the job is really a mash-up of different skill sets rarely found together. Usually, Data Scientists come from two different disciplines, computer science, and statistics, but the best data science involves both disciplines.

Books are the best resource available to learn Data Science

Usually, today people face issues like when trying to get into a field such as Data Science is Information Overload, a term used when talking in relation to the effect of having too many resources at the disposal. There are hundreds of MOOCs, online courses, specializations, videos, etc., but the best use of the most valuable resource that we have, “time”, is to pick a book and start from the basics up to new concepts, and then keep filling the gaps with other books.

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