5 Reasons To Choose Php Web Development For Business IT Solutions

php training institute in noida

PHP has obtained huge popularity in the current times by being customizable yet simple to maintain a web designing & development platform. Being a remarkably favored server-side scripting language, PHP is being used for creating feature-rich websites having top-notch functionality. The creation of interactive, dynamic, secure, reliable and effective web pages offers multifarious advantages. A […]

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Python Vs PHP: Which Is Better and Why?

Python Vs. PHP

Both Python & PHP are the most common high-level programming languages. PHP is used for the purpose of server-side scripting, on the other hand, Python is considered relevant for its availability, dynamics, and ingenuity. Despite their nearly similar demand among developers, these two languages have many specifications and variations. The large-scale prevalence and use of […]

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Which is Best for Web Application Development – Dot Net, PHP, Python or Java

Dot Net Training

With burgeoning use of Internet for promoting online businesses, the role of web application developers has become significant. As we all know that the web app development is simply the process of creating application programs and delivering the same to the users’ devices, various companies with web based projects are now demanding for the skilled […]

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Laravel vs. Codeigniter: which one is recommended?

PHP Training In Noida

There are many frameworks available for PHP. Laravel and Codeigniter is the most popular and widely used framework among many others. Often PHP developers are confused as to which framework to use? Which is better between Laravel and Codeigniter on the basis of their advantage and disadvantage and what they offer? Which is popular than […]

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