Common Misconceptions about SAP Modules

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SAP is hugely successful and is trusted by many great companies – and yet there are persistent myths and misconceptions that circulate about it. In this blog, we will examine some of the most common myths about SAP, and contrasts them with the reality.

SAP Module take a year and longer to get implement

This is another myth associated with SAP. However, the reality is that there are many examples of SAP implementations that have taken four months or less. Long implementation times are common but that’s because projects tend to kick off with laborious client workshops around each process.

SAP Module is too difficult for SMEs.

When a small enterprise hears the name SAP, it brings out an association with tier-1 ERP solutions for large enterprise. But an association with SAP is a good thing. SAP comprehends difficult business process and operations. The myth is that SAP software is by association too complicated for the needs of a small business. The truth is that SAP software is designed with scalability in mind. Meaning that a business owner only needs to use the functions they need today without over complicating their business’ systems.

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You will have to buy a brand new sap system in the future

Technology advances so quickly these days. Some software companies develop a brand new system every year. Small/midsize business owners might worry that investing in a powerful SAP solution now will prevent them from upgrading in the future, either due to the cost or capabilities of improved software. Or, they might believe that upgrading SAP requires another time-consuming and expensive implementation process.

When SAP helps your business grow rapidly, it’s inevitable that you might become too big for your existing solution. The good news is that some SAP systems are incredibly flexible and can actually grow alongside the enterprise. SAP Business One is known for its growth potential, improving the functionality of its powerful SAP applications as the enterprise expands

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