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C language Training program

Computer applications are written in various computer languages but C language is the most common language around the world. If you want to make a career in computer programming then you should begin with C language because it is very flexible, versatile and used in a great number of applications. It is also used in advanced scientific systems and operating systems. So, if you want to learn any other language first you should understand the C language.

If you are searching for a computer language that is easy to understand and internationally recognized then you should learn c language because it recognized worldwide. It is used extensively in operating systems, network drivers, language compilers, system utilities, and language interpreters areas of development. So, everything from microcontrollers to operating systems is composed in C.  You can learn C by enrolling in C language Training company in Delhi.

The basic commands in English is used in C language so it easy to learn. In order to run your program, you have to compile it with the help of a compiler. So one can say it is a Compiler language.

It is designed to provide low-level access to memory hence uses a straight forward compiler and uses less run time. C language is a procedural language and is popular because of the flexibility of its use for memory management.  With the aid of this language, you can control when, how and where to allocate and deallocate memory. With the aid of malloc and calloc functions memory can be designated automatically, statically, or dynamically.

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Another reason for using C language is that in this language memory can be accessed easily as the language has a close relation to the operating system this make C an efficient language. So, it is a language for system level programming. This language may not be a perfect language for application level languages because of C pointers as they are a common source of confusion and errors. So, other languages such as C++ and Java are used for application-level programs.

Relation to other languages

Languages such as C++, D, Go, C #, Unix’s C shell, Java, JavaScript, LPC, Limbo, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Swift, Perl, Rust, Verilog and System Verilog are borrowed directly or indirectly from C as these languages have drawn many of their control structures and other basic features from C. Most of these languages have similar syntax to C (Python is an exception).

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