Reason Why Python Is Used For Machine Learning Instead Of Java

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence-based projects are obviously what the future holds. Everyone wants better personalization, smarter recommendations, and improved search functionality. Our apps can see, hear, and respond – that’s what artificial intelligence (AI) has brought, enhancing the user experience and creating value across many industries.

Now, if you want to learn Machine Learning , you must be wondering which programming is used for ML? Python or java? Java and Python have long engaged in a battle to establish themselves as the more dominant player for Machine Learning. This conflict is made more interesting by the constant evolution of the programming languages.
In this blog, we’ll try to understand why Python is preferred for Machine Learning instead of Java:


Currently, machine learning is one of the most exciting and promising intellectual fields with its applications ranging from e-commerce to healthcare.
Python offers all the skillsets that are required for machine learning or AI projects – stability, flexibility and a large number of tools.
Few machine learning trends by 2020 are:
New Approaches to Cybersecurity
Machine learning deployed by cybersecurity firms can increase the level of security.
Robotic Process Automation Will Rule the World
Finance, health, and manufacturing industries are using machine learning to deploy robotic process automation where intelligent drones and robots make the task easier.

Improved IT Operations

Machine learning helps IT operations teams to capture, refine data, to obtain the root cause of problems and create intelligent business insights to make the company’s successful.
Transparency in Decision-Making
Machine learning with the help of predictive models brings transparency in decision-making in the field of retail, medicine, healthcare, and logistics.


Both Python and Java are extremely efficient programming languages. Various factors are in play when comes to favoring Python over Java. Python has an easy-to-read, simple syntax. It’s an extremely preferred choice for scripting and rapid application development in areas like Python web development.

On the other hand, Java is platform-independent, easy-to-learn, and extremely stable. If you want to master java, you can join the java online certification course program.

Coding in Python is much quicker than Java. Python is more dynamic, easy to learn, and more evolved. Moreover, the platform is compatible with emerging technologies like AI and machine learning.


 Python online training program is specifically designed to let you learn the fundamentals of machine learning using a well-known programming language, Python.
The course contents are usually divided into two components
To learn about the purpose of Machine Learning and its applications in the real world.
A general understanding of various Machine Learning topics including Machine Learning algorithms supervised vs unsupervised learning, and model evaluation.

Less Amount of Code
Algorithms are essentials of machine learning. Python makes it simpler for developers as it comes with the potential of implementing the same logic with as little code as required in other OOP languages.
Platform Independence
Many companies use their own machines containing powerful GPUs to train their machine learning models. Python being platform-independent helps in shifting data cost-effectively from one machine to another without making changes to the actual code.
Wide Range of Applications
ML is expanding its applications to real-world scenarios like emotion analysis, error detection, weather forecasting, stock market analysis, speech recognition, fraud detection, customer segmentation.

Developers can select programming styles for several types of problems, can combine Python with other languages to get the desired results, and do not require recompiling source code.

Great Support
Python is an open-source, multi-purpose language and its development is continuously supported by a great community. It offers a great number of resources like modules, packages, toolkits, and libraries that enable machine learning engineers to constantly improve the language.

Machine learning is a boon to the world. As more and more organizations are depending on it, demand for certified and skilled professionals also goes up. So, why wait? Join our best Python online training to get hands-on experience in Machine Learning using Python.
By joining our online training program, you will learn:
The purpose and applications of Machine Learning.

Overview of its topics like supervised vs unsupervised learning, algorithms – linear regression, K Nearest Neighbors, decision trees, random forest, Support Vector Machines (SVM), flat clustering, hierarchical clustering, Time Series, Naïve Bayes, Q-Learning and neural networks.

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