Why Mean Stack Is Growing Rapidly In Web Programming?

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Mean stack is a collection of JavaScript technologies which is used to develop web applications. This development toolkit is used to develop a fast and robust web application. Mean Stack Developer is a programmer who works on the MEAN stack. He handles the backend as well as the front end of the entire application. As the entire MEAN stack is based on one language, that is, JavaScript, a MEAN developer ought to have a good JS knowledge.

MEAN is basically a collection of four different technologies:
Mongo DB
Express JS
Angular JS

The growth and use of MEAN stack has enabled the developers to create stunning web applications and dynamic websites for various businesses and other requirements. As a matter of fact, MEAN Stack has an incredible demand across the globe to build business-driven dynamic websites and web applications. It has the capability to meet the demand for real-time app development effectively.

A few more reasons to use MEAN for Web programming:
Works on JavaScript: MEAN Stack works on the JavaScript which is the most popular programming language across the globe. Hence, it makes it more constructive and productive. You can learn it by joining MEAN online course.
Single language & 4 technologies: This is the best part of using MEAN for our project. One language i.e. Java Script, which is the foundation for all the four technologies used in this stack.

Before MEAN, web application developers had to choose a different server, frontend, and database programming languages such as MySQL, PHP, etc. But with the advent of MEAN, web application development became extremely easy as JavaScript efficiently handled everything from database configuration to front end to the server-side.

Faster: MEAN Stack process is way faster than other traditional client-server applications. To learn how it works, join best MEAN online course and learn deeply..

Easy to implement: As the development occurs in one single language for all technologies, it becomes very easy to code in all frameworks and platforms of the stack. And because everything is coded in java script the programming becomes easy and thereby causing minimum errors and the project completion takes less time.
Real-time Applications: Java Script is an integral part of MEAN stack. It has loads of advantages, most important of which is enabling the real-time feature to our product. It uses push technology for its users. Both the client and the server can either start communication or exchange the data.

Cost Saving: This is a crucial point when it comes to building big projects. Big companies choose MEAN stack development for savings because there is absolutely no need to re-write code or any license-fee. There is no requirement for specialization or any other such complexities.

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In the end we can without any doubt say that MEAN stack is a perfect choice when it comes to creating a dynamic and frequently visited website. It provides us a platform to build not only single-page application but also websites with several pages and features. We can measure the importance of the MEAN Stack in dynamic websites by the fact that the giant companies like Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, PayPal and UBER use the MEAN Stack for their business.
As a matter of fact, it is very clear that slowly and gradually MEAN is growing and having a positive impact all over the internet. It is not surprising that very soon MEAN will become the powerhouse of all the large web applications over the internet.

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