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C language is a universal procedural programming language on which certain other programming languages like Perl, PHP, Python and objective C have been borrowed. This language facilitates structured programming and it is found in applications that have been coded in assembly language. This language is available on a wide range of platforms from embedded microcontrollers to supercomputers. It also has the feature in which more than one assignment can be performed in a single statement. Almost all the OS programs such as Windows, UNIX and Linux are written by C language.

Features of C Language:
  • Interactivity
  • Flexibility
  • Modularity
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Portability
  • Reliability
It was the brainchild of Dennis Ritchie and Kem Thompson that led to the development of C language at Bell Laboratories around 1972. It was developed basically to implement the UNIX operating System. The basic features of C language were derived from early language called “B” also known as Basic Combined Programming Language.

The major timeline events can be traced back to 1978 when Dennis Ritchie and Kem Thompson published the first edition “The C programming language” and was commonly known as K&R C. In 1983 the ANSI (American National standard Institute) constituted the committee to provide comprehensive definition of C. The ANSI standard was completed late 1988.
The scope of learning C language is stupendous. Almost 80% of the embedded industry depends on the applications of C language; this proves the fact that the opportunities will be immense. In addition 30-40% of the software development industry depends on the application of C language in designing their software applications.

The job opportunities are immense as the application of C is used in developing OS, System level programming and embedded systems (including PIC, ARM and Microprocessors) and used as website programming using CGI. Hence there is a huge demand for the professionals skilled in C language as this language is the base of all other languages . The job opportunity is set to rise in coming future.
There are certain proven steps to follow in order to effectively command the C language.
Some of them are:
  • Learning C basics like integers, real values, logical operators, real constants and all mathematical operators as these forms the base on which codes are framed.
  • After mastering the basics students should focus on decision making which will enhance analytical and logical reasoning.
  • Learning Advance C will equip the individual to frame codes and write effective programs.
  • After learning the language it is equally important to implement the concepts in designing software applications.
A true professional goes through almost all the steps to be an efficient programmer. For a step by step learning CETPA is preferred providing international level Six months vocational training/internship program to engineering students.
CETPA is the leader in providing training to students for “High end Technologies”. It has the experience of giving training for almost 12 years to students from various engineering disciplines. CETPA is proving Best Industrial Training and 4/6 weeks Summer Training in Roorkee, Noida, Lucknow, Dehradun and . It has maintained the quality standards in both teaching and training the students. When it comes to C language the company is the highly specialized with the expert trainers. Students are taught to frame the codes on C which matches the industry standards. CETPA in Delhi- NCR or any of the branch of CETPA also avail the students with short term C language training course that helps them to enhance their learning and skills in petite time.

There are certain features which makes the company stand apart from the rest:
  • The trainers teach students about the Standard Coding techniques, which makes the student industry ready.
  • Specialized attentions to individuals are given so that they can clarify their doubts and developgood knowledge base.
  • Provides excellent environment for discussions.
  • Authentic and up to date course content.
  • Online classes offered on C language also benefit the NRI students to sharpen up their skill.
There is no substitute for knowledge. Hence CETPA believes in providing quality education, hence we believe in the philosophy that “knowledge matters”.
The horizon of knowledge in C language can be broadened by acquiring knowledge from various sources including quality articles in forums, discussions and getting training from the experts. Below mentioned are some of the quality forums which can help the students to get a broader view of the language: These links will help students in getting different views about the language, its improvement and current trend in the markets.
The applications of C language are widely used in various industries like:
  • hospitality
  • medical
  • defense
  • telecom
  • automobile.
In medical industry lots of automated medical equipments are used which uses C language. Similarly, almost all the industries use the concept of C programming to automate the technical equipments. Since C language is the basic language, it is used to develop certain new innovative computer languages in various software companies.
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