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Android is a mobile operating System, developed by Google that powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices. It is based on Linux kernel with a user interface designed primarily for touch screen devices.

It is software cluster consisting not only operating system but also middleware and key software applications. There is an Android market which is an online software store for android consisting of more than 200000 applications with over 3 billion+ downloads.

Android relies on Linux version 2.6 for core system services such as security management, process management, but for software development android provides SDK (Software Development Kit).
The main noteworthy features of android are:
• All applications are created equally.
• Fast and easy Application development.
• It is “Open Source” model which makes it unique.
Android was founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick sears in Palo Alto, California in October 2003. Later Android was acquired by Google on august 17, 2005. The disruption of Android can be credited to the unveiling of I-phone, after which reengineering of OS to combine effective traits began to compete with I phone. After that several versions of Android were released.

The timeline of the versions are:
• Android 1.1
• Android 1.5 Cupcake
• Android 1.6 Donut
• Android 2.0 Eclair
• Android 2.2 Froyo
• Android 2.3 Ginger bird
• Android 3.0 honeycomb
Android is the “heart beat” of the mobile software industry as it powers multi thousands of smart phones. There are a millions of users around the globe, which clearly reflects that the professionals required to fuel the operating software requirements is immense. In addition, Android is available in 46 languages therefore the opportunities are tremendous.

Software professionals particularly those specialized in Android gets special attention in the market as the consumers demand of creative and imaginative apps, creates opportunity for the company to keep updating and designing the innovative applications on the mobile. For these the company needs skilled professionals and this result in increasing job opportunities and career growth.
There are various steps to create the Android App and run a debuggable version of the app. Firstly the environmental development is set up.

For that one needs to follow certain steps:
• Android SDK is downloaded.
• Latest SDK tools and platforms are downloaded using the SDK Manger.

After that fundamentals of app design is learned, which includes how to build up a simple user interface and handle user input. Then the projects with Eclipse and command tools are created. The concept of middleware is also an important topic and should be learned. Students can join CETPA a ‘training school’ providing Android training at international level, it also arrange short term training course that benefits working professional with the learning of technology in petite time period.
When it comes to the matter of Android training, CETPA is the best option as it is ISO 9001:2008 certified company which can cover the technicalities of Android in detail. It is the company which offers Android 4/6 weeks summer training classes in different cities of India: Noida (NCR), Lucknow, Meerut, Dehradun and Rooekee on upgraded software and technologies which differentiates the students of CETPA from others.

There are certain other features which sets CETPA apart from the rest:
• Blessed with certifications due to its quality training and support.
• Student to trainer ratio is 1:1 which gives personalized attention to each student.
• Well developed labs and technical equipments/software to keep students abreast about the latest changes in technological world.
• Dedicated Placement wing to help students get placement in top companies.
• Expert trainers who have in depth knowledge about the technological trends.
• Online courses are also provided for the students including NRI students across the world.

This certification proves the credibility of the company and reflects the importance from the student’s point of view to choose CETPA as their mentor to achieve their heartfelt desires. After the completion of Android training, trainee can also enrol with vocational training to have deeper and advanced knowledge of Android.
Learning from various sources like internet, books can increase one’s chance of achieving success and developing good connections with the professionals. Further android is a technology which gets upgraded very quickly. Hence these links can prove to be helpful in every aspect. Students should devote some time in researching on these links.
Prominent mobile companies using Android Technology in their devices are:
• Samsung
• Huawei
• Sony
• Motorola
• Asus
• Acer and many smaller software companies.
It’s the mandatory thing that a student wants a good job after getting trained. CETPA has been training students for over 12 years, and it has fulfilled the dream of students by giving 6 months industrial training and internship program that provides placements in top companies with an average package of 2 LPA. This quality of CETPA motivates students to perform excellently well in their field and for society as well. CETPA offers placement assistance for foreigner students also who are connected with technical training of CETPA offered under the guidance of expert trainers. Below mentioned are some of the motivational statistics which can help students to join CETPA for an exciting experience.

Android Training

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    After completing my training i must say Cetpa is the best training institute for Java and Android training in Noida. Every topics was throughly covered and nicely explained and every doubts was handled well which is not done at every institute. IN ONE LINE CETPA IS BEST ANDROID TRAINING INSTITUTE IN NOIDA

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    Android Training Institute
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    Currently im a student of cetpa . i want to share my experiance of 45 days in cetpa . Trainers of cetpa are very good and experianced.cetpa always tries to give best to our students.

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    Android Training Center in Noida
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    CETPA is the best training Institute for Android Training in Delhi NCR Region. Good Trainer and I will surely recommend to friends who need to speedup with Android application Development. my Trainer taught core and advance Android at CETPA. Android training material is Excellent at CETPA InfoTech in Delhi NCR.  Best android training institute in India. Especially Trainers at CETPA gives full support to the students for Live Projects.

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