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Online Best C-Language Training Institute in Delhi NCR

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C Programing

What is C Language?

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C language is a universal procedural programming language on which certain other programming languages like Perl, PHP, Python and objective C have been borrowed. CETPA Infotech provides Training in Noida . CETPA Infotech provides the best C language Training in Delhi NCR This language facilitates structured programming and it is found in applications that have been coded in assembly language. This language is available on a wide range of platforms from embedded microcontrollers to super computers. It also has the feature in which more than one assignment can be performed in a single statement. Almost all the OS programs such as Windows, UNIX and Linux are written by C language.

Features of C Language:
  • Interactivity
  • Flexibility
  • Modularity
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Portability
  • Reliability

CETPA Infotech provides the best C language Training institute in Delhi NCR .C planned to be compiled using a relatively straight forward compiler, to provide low-level admission to memory, to provide language constructs that plot efficiently to machine instructions, and to require minimal run- time support. Despite its low-level capabilities, the language was designed to support cross- platform programming. A standards-compliant C program that is written with portability in mind can be compiled for a very extensive array of computer platforms and operating systems with few changes to its source code.

History of C Language

It was the brainchild of Dennis Ritchie and Kem Thompson that led to the development of C language at Bell Laboratories around 1972. It was developed basically to implement the UNIX operating System. The basic features of C language were derived from early language called “B” also known as Basic Combined Programming Language.

The major timeline events can be traced back to 1978 when Dennis Ritchie and Kem Thompson published the first edition “The C programming language” and was commonly known as K&R C. In 1983 the ANSI (American National standard Institute) constituted the committee to provide comprehensive definition of C. The ANSI standard was completed late 1988.

Career and Industry Scope of C Language

The scope of learning C language is stupendous. Almost 80% of the embedded industry depends on the applications of C language; this proves the fact that the opportunities will be immense. In addition 30-40% of the software development industry depends on the application of C language in designing their software applications.

The job opportunities are immense as the application of C is used in developing OS, System level programming and embedded systems (including PIC, ARM and Microprocessors) and used as website programming using CGI. Hence there is a huge demand for the professionals skilled in C language as this language is the base of all other languages . The job opportunity is set to rise in coming future.

Steps to Learn C Language

There are certain proven steps to follow in order to effectively command the C language. Some of them are:
  • Learning C basics like integers, real values, logical operators, real constants and all mathematical operators as these forms the base on which codes are framed.
  • After mastering the basics students should focus on decision making which will enhance analytical and logical reasoning.
  • Learning Advance C will equip the individual to frame codes and write effective programs.
  • After learning the language it is equally important to implement the concepts in designing software applications.

A true professional goes through almost all the steps to be an efficient programmer. For a step by step learning CETPA is preferred providing international level Six months vocational training/internship program to engineering students.

Expertise of CETPA in C language

CETPA is the leader in providing training to students for “High end Technologies”. It has the experience of giving training for almost 12 years to students from various engineering disciplines. CETPA is proving Best Industrial Training and 4/6 weeks Summer Training in Roorkee, Noida, Lucknow, Dehradun and . It has maintained the quality standards in both teaching and training the students. When it comes to C language the company is the highly specialized with the expert trainers. Students are taught to frame the codes on C which matches the industry standards. CETPA in Delhi- NCR or any of the branch of CETPA also avail the students with short term C language training course that helps them to enhance their learning and skills in petite time.

There are certain features which makes the company stand apart from the rest:
  • The trainers teach students about the Standard Coding techniques, which makes the student industry ready.
  • Specialized attentions to individuals are given so that they can clarify their doubts and developgood knowledge base.
  • Provides excellent environment for discussions.
  • Authentic and up to date course content.
  • Online classes offered on C language also benefit the NRI students to sharpen up their skill.

There is no substitute for knowledge. Hence CETPA believes in providing quality education, hence we believe in the philosophy that “knowledge matters”.

Tutorials and Learning Resources

The horizon of knowledge in C language can be broadened by acquiring knowledge from various sources including quality articles in forums, discussions and getting training from the experts. Below mentioned are some of the quality forums which can help the students to get a broader view of the language:

These links will help students in getting different views about the language, its improvement and current trend in the markets.

Industries Using C Language

The applications of C language are widely used in various industries like:
  • hospitality
  • medical
  • defense
  • telecom
  • automobile

In medical industry lots of automated medical equipments are used which uses C language. Similarly, almost all the industries use the concept of C programming to automate the technical equipments. Since C language is the basic language, it is used to develop certain new innovative computer languages in various software companies.

CETPA Placement Record

CETPA is a training school well known for the placements offered to engineering students in various companies. It has a well established placement and consultancy wing which gives good exposure to students to top companies. Students will get a chance to involve in live project and 100% Job Placement Track records. The certification provided by CETPA helps Indian as well as foreigner students to grab the best opportunity from reputed and MNC companies. It gives the students the value for money and develops their career optimally.

C Language

CETPA trains student to be Industry ready and this is reflected in our placements. Students willing to bag a good and exciting career can join CETPA for an exciting experience. For a countless number of placements from CETPA please Click Here.


To avail exiting offers and discount on our c programming training program, you can mail us at query@cetpainfotech.com or call us at 120- 4535353. You can also visit our center to get your query resolved.


CETPA Infotech, an ISO 9001:2015 certified training company is the best option to learn c programming. Since, they provide job based training and their training curriculum is at par with industrial criteria.


The duration of c programming course depend on type of training mode you opt for, i.e. Weekday batch, Weekend batch, fast track batch or online batch. For free structure, you can visit our centre or call us at 120- 4535353.


c programming is one of the fastest growing languages and has undergone a successful span of more than 25 years as far as its adoption is concerned. This success also reveals a promising future scope of c programming programming language.


Becoming a c programming programmer can be difficult for beginners, especially for those who have no experience of coding. By joining our c programming Training, you can start learning the language


This training is suitable for fresher, graduates as well as post graduates. If you are a professional who want to polish your skill, then also you can join this training.


Anyone who has the passion to learn c programming can join our training program.


CETPA has a team of highly experienced industrial experts who have sound knowledge of their domain and will assist you in completion of your live project.

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Training
  • Corporate Training
  • On campus Training

We accept all the major payment modes like Cash, Card (Master, Visa, and Maestro, etc), Net Banking and etc. UPI, Paytm, etc.


To get more information, you can mail us at query@cetpainfotech.com or call us at 120-4535353. You can also visit our center to get your query resolved.

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  • C History and Standardization
  • Importance of C
  • Preprocessor and Header Files
  • Programming Style
  • Basic Structure of C Program

  • Character Set, C Tokens
  • Keywords & Identifiers
  • Data types in C
  • Constants
  • Variable names
  • Overflow & Underflow of Data

  • Arithmetic operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Logical operators
  • Increment and decrement operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Conditional Operators
  • Special Operators
  • Operator Precedence
  • Operator Associativity

  • Decision making with ‘if statement’
  • If….else statement
  • Nested if …..else statement
  • Else ….if ladder
  • Switch statement
  • Goto statement
  • The?: Operator

  • The While statement
  • Do statement
  • For statement
  • Jumps in Loop

  • Declaration of an Array
  • Initialization of Arrays
  • Types of Arrays
  • 1D, 2D, Multi D
  • Compile Time Arrays and Runtime Arrays
  • Limitations of an Array
  • Declaration of Strings
  • Initialization of Strings
  • Operations performed on String
  • String Handling Functions
  • 2-D Strings

  • Understanding basics of Pointers
  • Rules for Pointers
  • Pointer Declaration
  • Accessing a Variable through its Pointer
  • Pointers and Arrays

  • Why Functions
  • Types of Functions
  • A Multi Functional Program
  • Return Values & their types
  • Call By Value and Call By Reference
  • Arguments & Return Types
  • Nesting of Functions
  • Recursion
  • Scope / Visibility Of Variables
  • Auto Storage Class
  • Register Storage Class
  • Static Storage Class
  • Extern Storage Class

  • Defining a Structure
  • Why a Structure is used?
  • Structure Initialization
  • Arrays With in Structures
  • Arrays Of Structures
  • Structures within Structures
  • Passing structures to Functions
  • Unions & its properties
  • Access Union Member

  • Pointers and Addresses
  • Initialization Of Pointers
  • Pointer to Pointer
  • Pointer Expressions
  • Pointer Increments and Scale factors Pointers and Arrays
  • Pointers and Strings
  • Arrays of Pointers in Strings
  • Pointers as Function Arguments
  • Function returning Pointers
  • Null Pointers in C

  • malloc
  • calloc
  • realloc
  • free

  • What is a File?
  • File Structure
  • Defining & Opening a File
  • Input/Output Operations on Files

  • Object Oriented Programming Style
  • Difference between Modular Approaches & OOPS
  • Concepts of Object Oriented Language

  • Functions: Declaration and Definition
  • Variables: Definition, Declaration and Scope

  • History of C++
  • Input Output Operators
  • Cascading Of Operators
  • Classes in C++
  • Defining Classes in C++
  • Ways Of creating Objects
  • Nesting Of Member Functions
  • Arrays within class
  • Arrays of objects
  • Static Data Member
  • Static Member Functions
  • Objects as Function Arguments
  • Friend Functions
  • Passing Objects by reference in Friend Functions

  • Constructors and its Types
  • Creating & Accessing an Objects
  • Multiple Constructors and Initialization Lists
  • Defining Constructors outside the class
  • Constructors with default arguments
  • Dynamic Initializing of Objects
  • Using Destructors to Destroy Instances

  • Overview of Polymorphism
  • Function Overloading
  • Operator Overloading
  • Working with Overloaded Operator
  • Methods
  • Overloading of Unary Operator
  • Overloading Of Binary Operators
  • Overloading Of Increment and Decrement Operators

  • Built in to User defined
  • User Defined to Built In Type
  • User Defined To User Defined Type

  • Overview of Inheritance
  • Defining Base and Derived Classes
  • Types Of Inheritance
  • Visibility Specifiers
  • Virtual Base Class
  • Constructors in Derived Class
  • Containership

  • Exceptions
  • Inheritance and Exceptions
  • Exception Hierarchies
  • Inside an Exception Handler

  • Introduction of file streams
  • Modes
  • Opening a file
  • Closing a file
  • Writing to a file
  • File Pointers

  • Template Overview
  • Customizing a Template Method
  • Function Templates
  • Multiple Template Types
  • Class Templates
  • Templates with Multiple Parameters

What are the benefits of doing a C Language course?

  • You will get better knowledge of programming and how to implement it for actual development requirements in the industrial projects and applications.
  • Enhanced knowledge on the web development framework. Using this framework, you can develop dynamic websites swiftly.
  • You will learn how to design, develop, test, support and deploy desktop, custom web, and mobile applications.
  • Design and improve testing and maintenance activities and procedures.
  • Design, implement and develop important applications in a C Language environment.
  • Increased chances of working in leading software companies like Infosys, Wipro, Amazon, TCS, IBM and many more.


4 Star Rating: Very Good

Best C Language Training in Noida

March 2 2020

I was not having much information about CETPA INFOTECH, but my friend suggested me to join CETPA Training Institute In Noida, after joining for the C Language Course. I felt this is the best training institute for C & C++ Course in Noida and other facilities are tremendous.


Kunal singh

4 Star Rating: Very Good

C-Language tranianig institute

February 7 2017

I joined c-language Training in Noida at CETPA in December 2016. Every concept under C was explained to me in detail along with practical examples. I absolutely loved their training

Mode/Schedule of Training:

CETPA, The Best C Language Training Institute in Delhi NCR offers courses in following modes.

Delivery Mode Location Course Duration Schedule (New Batch Starting)
Classroom Training (Regular/ Weekend Batch) *Noida/ Lucknow
*Dehradun /Roorkee
4/6/12/24 weeks New Batch Wednesday/ Saturday
*Instructor -Led Online Training Online 40/60 Hours Every Saturday or as per the need
*Virtual Online Training Online 40/60 Hours 24x7 Anytime
College Campus Training India or Abroad 40/60 Hours As per Client’s need
Corporate Training (Fly a Trainer) Training in India or Abroad As per need Customized Course Schedule

Professional growth, increased compensation and validation of the skill are the most popular reasons why individuals and professionals seek IT certifications. Keeping this in mind, we at CETPA provide you with certification in latest and innovative technologies to help you to reach your certification goals.

CETPA is the official Training partner of Oracle, Microsoft, Autodesk, Panasonic and Nuvoton and thus provides Training as per international standards and curriculum. CETPA proudly provides you certification in association with our training partners so that you can validate your domain specific technical skills. Certification from these big brands will help you in grabbing your dream job.


For individuals and IT professionals:
  • Gives you an advantage while searching for a job and provide a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Ensure knowledge and skill are up to date and can be applied to the job
  • Provide credibility to those looking for a career in an IT domain.
  • Offer fast track to career advancement
  • Demonstrate level of competency
  • Professional Credibility as well as it demonstrates your dedication and motivation to professional development.
  • You are likely to stand out from the crowd and be considered to be successful in your positions.
  • Represent a well-recognized and valued IT credential that increases marketability and competitive edge.
For organizations:
  • Provide peace of mind with the confidence that certified employees have truly learned the skills necessary to do their jobs;
  • Express valuable credentials to search for in prospective employees, and can help retain top performers when offered as an incentive;
  • Offer a competitive advantage when the team is trained and certified regularly.

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