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    Instructor-Led Sessions

    Experience the power of our instructor-led sessions, where engaging discussions and well-structured content delivery promote mastery of skills and knowledge.

    Real-Life Case Studies

    Begin your journey of learning with real-life case studies that illuminate the intersection of theory and reality.


    Elevate your learning journey with our wide range of assignments, curated to build adaptability and academic excellence.

    Live Projects

    Maximize your skill development with our live projects, providing hands-on experience and personalized guidance from industry professionals in real-time.

    Connect with 2 Lakh + Alumni

    Explore the industry landscape confidently with our industry connect connectivity, allowing you to develop meaningful connections and acquire practical experience.

    Govt. Recognized Certification

    Secure your road to success with our industry-recognized certification, a symbol of excellence and proficiency.

    Dedicated Placement Support

    Maximize your career opportunities with our dedicated placement assistance, guaranteeing your seamless transition into the professional world.

    App-Based Learning

    Stay connected to your studies with our learning app, optimized for both Android and iOS platforms, delivering learning resources at your convenience.
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    Summer Training is an enriching educational program organized during the summer time. It aims at enhancing the knowledge, skills, and practical expertise of students in different fields. Further, the Summer Training programs aim at providing students the opportunity to deepen the understanding of their areas of interest through interactive workshops, hands-on projects, and expert guidance.

    As a result, the dynamic sessions of Summer Training in Noida have been curated in such a way that it offers a platform for individuals to explore the latest technologies, engage in teamwork, and encourage creativity. Not just that, but the program broadens horizons and exposes students to the industry, thus preparing them for a competitive job market. Hence, the Project-Based Summer Training is an extraordinary opportunity for students to improve their personal growth and uncover their potential.

    In the fast-paced modern era, nobody wishes to waste their time. This is because students are becoming more aware of new ideas and preparing themselves to confront the challenges of a competitive environment. Therefore, the number of people expressing their desire to pursue the Best Summer Training in Delhi is becoming increasingly popular.

    Further, the prospect of upgrading resumes and gaining a competitive advantage in the job market captures students’ attention. In such a scenario, CETPA Infotech Pvt Ltd emerges as the No.1 Training Company that assists numerous students by providing timely and reliable information, thus helping them to develop the necessary skills for advancing their careers.

    Overall, in a nutshell, several aspirants are drawn to Summer Training as it offers the chance for personal development and skill improvement in a positive and engaging environment.

    The primary objective of Summer Industrial Training is to widen the knowledge of students in cutting-edge technologies as per industry standards so as to add weightage to the educational degree of the students. Some of the significant objectives fulfilled by the Best Summer Training Institute in Noida are as follows:

    Real-World Expertise: Summer Training offers real-world expertise and exposure to students in a specific industry or field. This may assist them in acquiring a better understanding of the regular activities of a company along with the skills and knowledge necessary for gaining success in the field.

    Exposure to Job Roles: Pursuing Project-Based Summer Training allows individuals to explore the different job roles available in their subject of choice. Hence, it helps them in exploring their interests as well as identifying the career path which suits them best.

    Networking Opportunities: Summer Training programs provide a platform to individuals for networking and building relationships with industry professionals, experts, and fellow students. The development of these professional networks thereby assists them in attracting exciting career opportunities in the future.

    Practical Experience: The participants of the Online Summer Training programs are offered the extensive opportunity of gaining hands-on experience in using industry-standardized software, tools, and equipment. This gives them a competitive advantage when applying for jobs after graduation.

    Certifications: Individuals who hold a Summer Training Certification stay benefitted as it may be used for demonstrating their knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience to potential employers while looking out for jobs.

    CETPA Infotech is well-known for providing the best Summer Internship for B.Tech Students in nearly 500+ technologies. The most popular technologies offered by CETPA during its Summer Training programs include Python, Django, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Full Stack, Java, .NET, React JS, React Native, MEAN, MERN, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Angular, Android, Flutter, Kotlin, Digital Marketing, Salesforce, AWS, Cloud Computing, Azure, Software Testing, Manual Selenium, CCNA, CCNP, Networking, SAS, AutoCAD, Solidworks, IoT, MATLAB, PLC & SCADA, Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, ETAB, Staadpro, Primavera, PHP, Web Designing, Oracle, Embedded System, Catia, Tekla, Ethical Hacking, Cybersecurity, and much more.

    As a result, CETPA is the Best Summer Training Institute in Noida since it offers all of these technologies during its Summer Training program.

    The project-based Summer Training for Engineering Students is an outstanding learning experience designed to equip participants with practical skills and real-world knowledge. The training covers a wide range of topics, including technology, programming, data science, etc. Participants get to work on practical projects that demonstrate real-world business settings throughout the program, thus developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    Further, the guidance of expert trainers at CETPA encourages participants to acquire an in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge tools and technologies during their pursuit of Online Summer Training. The projects are systematically curated to encourage creativity, innovation, and practical learning. Therefore, through this comprehensive 6 Weeks Summer Training in Noida, participants will not only upgrade their technical expertise but also enhance their communication and presentation skills.

    Last but not least, the program concludes with a demonstration of the projects, giving participants the chance to showcase their newly acquired skills to peers and possible employers. Thus, this project-based Summer Industrial Training offers to be a life-changing experience, empowering individuals to excel in their academic and professional pursuits.

    The project-based Summer Training comes with a wide range of exciting features which make it a quite enriching experience for participants. Some of these features are listed below:

    Hands-on Practical Learning: Participants of the Offline Summer Training program get the opportunity of working on real-world projects. This allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations, thus improving their problem-solving skills.

    Expert Trainers: Experienced industry professionals guide and mentor the Summer Training participants at CETPA. The primary concern of these professionals is to offer the participants with valuable insights and personalized guidance.

    Cutting-Edge Technologies: The project-based Summer Training in Noida offers the training participants an access to the latest tools and techniques. This ensures that the students remain up-to-date about industry trends and requirements.

    Collaborative Learning: The Summer Training offered by the Best Summer Training Institute in Noida encourages teamwork and collaboration with the aim of promoting a positive environment for knowledge sharing and networking.

    Customized Curriculum: The Online Summer Training offers a customized curriculum for catering to participants’ interests and skill levels, thus permitting them to explore areas of their interest.

    In summary, the Summer Internship for B.Tech/ M.TECH /BE/ B.Sc/ M.Sc / BCA/ MCA/ CS/CSE/IT students at CETPA intends to provide participants with real-world expertise, self-assurance, and a competitive edge to succeed in their future endeavors.

    CETPA is a reputed training institute that offers various IT and Non-IT courses as well as the Best Summer Training in Noida. The key benefits of pursuing Summer Training at this institute are as follows:

    Course Certification: CETPA rewards its students with the Summer Training Certificate upon the successful completion of the Summer Training program. This industry-recognized certificate adds a specific value to the candidate’s resume as well as showcases their commitment to learning and professional development.

    Valuable Networks: CETPA being a renowned training provider, holds strong connections with top-notch companies and industry professionals. Enrolling in their Summer Training Course in Noida gives students the opportunity to make valuable connections, which will help them acquire prospective recommendations and career prospects in the near future.

    Skill Enhancement: Whether an individual is a student or a working professional, taking Summer Training in Delhi with CETPA enables them to develop new skills or modify existing ones. This is helpful to aspirants who wish to enhance their resumes for forthcoming job applications.

    Live Projects: CETPA, the Top Summer Training Company in Noida, provides students the benefit of working on practical projects that might enhance their resumes. This experience of working on live projects may thereby attract potential employers as it showcases their capacity to imply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.

    Personal Growth: Apart from technical skills, the Offline Summer Training also assists in the development of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving – all of which are significant for personal as well as professional growth.

    Due to the existence of innumerable courses and platforms offering them, it becomes a difficult task for aspirants to choose the best Summer Training for Engineering Students that suits all their needs. CETPA Infotech believes that one size does not fit all when it comes to learning and progress. Thus, the institute boasts a team of specialists dedicated to assisting students in choosing the appropriate Summer Training Course in Noida based on their professional goals and aspirations. Further, the group of knowledgeable professionals at CETPA maintain an in-depth grasp of the most recent industry dynamics and needs. This helps them to design the best Summer Training for M.Tech Students or any other engineering domains like B.Tech, BE, B.Sc, M.Sc, BCA, MCA, CS, CSE, IT, etc. Thus, we assist students to make a well-informed choice about their professional path while remaining on track to attain their career objectives.

    At CETPA, we prioritize tailored guidance and support for our learners through the Online Summer Training program. Our certified trainers interact actively with the participants to determine their objectives and aspirations, as well as to analyze their current technological skills for helping them in making the most out of their summer internship. It is this strategy that we feel, distinguishes us as the Top Summer Training Company in Noida.

    Furthermore, we at CETPA recognize that, while technological advances are necessary, individual recommendations and counseling are equally important for students. As a result, we aim to offer adequate assistance to students who wish to pursue the 6 Weeks Summer Training in Noida and make the best out of their internship without feeling anxious or hesitant. Thus, we can say that CETPA aims at creating an uplifting environment in which students may develop their abilities and excel in their professions.

    Consequently, CETPA Infotech is your ultimate destination if you’re looking for the Best Summer Training in Noida.

    Joining CETPA Infotech for pursuing the Best Summer Training in Delhi is a decision that may vitally shape an individual’s career and open their doors to the world of exciting career opportunities. This is because the institution has achieved a commendable reputation as one of the leading training institutes providing Online Summer Training. Apart from that, various other reasons make it the ultimate choice for students and professionals alike.

    CETPA has quite carefully curated its Summer Training program for individuals who wish to acquire a Summer Training Certificate for upgrading their resumes. At CETPA, students get the opportunity of choosing the best course that suits them from nearly 500+ available technologies. The summer training program offered by the institute provides its participants with immense knowledge from the basics throughout the training by encompassing live projects, tasks, and assignments.

    CETPA comprises a commendable team of industry experts who have an experience of nearly 10+ years and are well-versed with the latest advancements in the industry. This allows the students to acquire a piece of valuable information throughout the training program. Not just this, but CETPA is also well-known as the Best Summer Training in Noida for its 100% placement assistance which helps individuals land a successful career in their desired field.

    Therefore, enrolling in a 6 Weeks Summer Training in Noida with CETPA Infotech may provide you with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the demanding professional environment while fostering lifelong valuable connections within the industry.

    The pursuit of Summer Training in Noida from CETPA Infotech may crucially enhance your career prospects and open you up to the world of opportunities. This is because of the practical knowledge and industry-oriented skills provided to the learners by the reputed Summer Training program. Thus, the training courses offered by CETPA are created to meet the latest needs of the market. This guarantees that the students acquire the required knowledge in regard to the latest technologies and methods.

    The primary advantage of pursuing a Summer Internship in Noida with CETPA is the hands-on experience acquired by individuals via real-world projects. This exposure allows them to tackle real-world problems faced in the industry, thus making them job ready from the beginning. It is of much benefit because employers are often fascinated by candidates who hold practical experience. As a result, CETPA concentrates on providing practical guidance to its students in order to help them stand out in front of prospective employers. In addition, the industry-experienced trainers offering Summer Training Course in Noida are known to provide valuable insights as well as networking opportunities to the participants. Their experience and connections throughout the industry may help the candidates in attracting potential job placements or recommendations, thus resulting in a significant career boost.

    Furthermore, the Summer Training Certification provided by CETPA to students upon successful completion of the training is industry-recognized, validating individuals’ skills and knowledge. Thus, CETPA’s widely popular Summer Training for Engineering Students can meet your needs whether you are a student willing to create a strong foundation for your future or a professional looking forward to upskilling or changing fields.

    Finally, in today’s dynamic and competitive job market, Summer Training Course can pave the path for interesting employment prospects and long-term professional success. Therefore, investing in CETPA’s Summer Training is a smart step towards a successful and satisfying professional path.

    The Summer Internship in Noida offered by CETPA Infotech is a suitable course for individuals who meet the following criteria:

    • Engineering students who are pursuing B.Tech/M.TECH /BE/ B.SC/ / BCA/ MCA/ CS/CSE/IT and are looking forward to gaining practical experience.
    • IT professionals who are willing to enhance their already existing skills.
    • Non-IT professionals who wish for a transition into the IT industry.
    • Students who are preparing to enter the technological world and wish to enhance their resume to stand out from other candidates.

    For detailed information on this, aspirants are recommended to reach our support team or visit our center for precise information regarding the Summer Training program’s eligibility and application requirements.

    Are you an engineering, computer science, or technical student aspiring to improve your abilities and increase your employability during the summer?

    Look no further! CETPA, a renowned training and consultancy organization, is your ultimate stop for pursuing a comprehensive and job-oriented 6 Weeks Summer Training in Noida. This particular training has been systematically designed to provide you with the knowledge and competence sought by top companies. Not just this, but CETPA is also popular for offering 100% placement assistance to its students. The institute is well-known for providing job-oriented training to all students so as to help them secure a noteworthy position at top-tier organizations upon successful completion of training.

    Furthermore, CETPA has a specialized placement wing that places students in top-notch MNCs and technical companies. It gives students real-world experience and prepares them for today’s competitive job markets. Hence, to ensure that students are both technically and professionally competent, every training program offered by CETPA is created as per the needs of the market.

    When looking for jobs, a training certificate might be a great tool. It could potentially show prospective employers that you’re qualified with the abilities and expertise they desire. It might also assist you in distinguishing yourself from other potential candidates. Invest in your future this summer and unlock a world of opportunities with our exclusive Summer Training Certification awarded at the successful completion of your training.

    CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is the No.1 Training Company widely popular for offering 100% dedicated placement assistance to students. The institute always focuses on the placements of its students in top reputed organizations or MNCs by preparing them to excel in their interviews. We, at CETPA, give students real-world experience and prepare them for today’s job market.

    CETPA has a strong placement record as a result of the hard work of its placement cell and the high performance of its students. We not only provide students with technical training, but also teach them to be disciplined, energetic, and responsible members of society. Also, the institute organizes personality development workshops regularly to help students prepare for interviews. CETPA provides a fantastic platform for students to demonstrate their technical expertise while also preparing them for the professional world.

    So what are you waiting for? Take up this ideal opportunity to join CETPA for advancing your career and realizing your objectives.

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      CETPA, The Best Summer Training Institute in Delhi NCR, offers courses in following modes.

      Delivery ModeLocationCourse DurationSchedule (New Batch Starting)
      Classroom Training (Regular/ Weekend Batch)*Noida/ *Roorkee/ *Dehradun4/6/12/24 WeeksNew Batch Wednesday/ Saturday
      *Instructor-Led Online TrainingOnline40/60 HoursEvery Saturday or as per the need
      *Virtual Online TrainingOnline40/60 Hours24x7 Anytime
      College Campus TrainingIndia or Abroad40/60 HoursAs per Client’s need
      Corporate Training (Fly-a-Trainer)Training in India or AbroadAs per needCustomized Course Schedule

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      All the aspiring candidates who are pursuing B.Tech/ M.TECH /BE/ B.SC/ / BCA/ MCA/ CS/CSE/IT/ Information Technology or IT professionals looking forward to advancing their skills may opt for a Summer Training program at CETPA.
      The pursuit of Summer Training in Delhi surely offers a wide range of benefits to the participants including practical experience, knowledge of new technologies, upgradation of resume and employability, networking with professionals, and exploring rewarding career paths.
      Yes, CETPA rewards its students with industry-recognized certifications upon the successful completion of their training. These certificates further enhance the resume of the individuals, thus helping them to attract reputed job opportunities.
      Summer Training program is given the utmost significance in recent times as it offers students with the exclusive opportunity of getting hands-on learning experience. Not just this, several universities and colleges have made it mandatory for students to go through a Summer Training program to gain practical exposure to the industry. Additionally, applicants with a Summer Training Certification on their resume are more appealing to potential employers since it demonstrates their desire to study and advance their careers.
      CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is the No.1 Training Company widely popular for offering 100% dedicated placement assistance to its students. The institute has a strong placement record as a result of the hard work of its placement cell and the high performance of its students.
      CETPA offers Summer Training in nearly 500+ technologies ranging from Python, Django, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Full Stack, Java, .NET, React JS, React Native, MEAN, MERN, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Angular, Android, Flutter, Kotlin, Digital Marketing, Salesforce, AWS, Cloud Computing, Azure, Software Testing, Manual Selenium, CCNA, CCNP, Networking, SAS, AutoCAD, Solidworks, IoT, MATLAB, PLC & SCADA, Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, ETAB, Staadpro, Primavera, PHP, Web Designing, Oracle, Embedded System, Catia, Tekla, Revit Structure, Ethical Hacking to Cybersecurity, and much more.
      The primary objective of the Summer Training program is to overcome the gap between theoretical information gained in the classroom and real-world settings. It allows individuals to put into practice their academic knowledge in real-world situations.
      CETPA offers a faculty of highly qualified industry experts who hold a piece of strong knowledge in their specific fields and aim to assist you throughout your pursuit of Summer Training from the institute.
      For more queries, please contact us at or call us at 120-4535353 / +91-9212172602. You may also visit our center and get your query resolved.

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          Kirti Sharma

          Friday, 10 Jan 2024

          Best Summer Training Institute In Delhi NCR

          Hi. My name is Kirti. I have done my Summer Training in .NET from CETPA. Today I am placed with one of the top MNC. Thanks CETPA!

          Read More

          Sanjay Shekhon

          Friday, 09 June 2023

          Summer Training In Delhi

          I have completed my summer training in python under superior & talented faculty, who support the students efficiently which make students confident in their respective concepts. So I think it is best in class approach towards students it make faculty best in its role. I wish this positive approach will continue with the position vision.

          Vashu Sharma

          Sunday, 09 July 2023

          Summer Training In Noida

          I have done Autocad training from cetpa my experience was good mr trainer teaching is excellent had a wonderful experience in this institute….i found this place better in terms of facilities, technical skills and live project’s

          Deepika Krishna

          Tuesday, 18 July 2023

          Summer Training

          The staff have a good experience.. Good for training .. As I have done c, thanks for kartik sir who make great efforts to teach students…thankyou..


          Tuesday, 13 March 2018

          Best Summer Training For CSE Students

          Hi, I have done my Summer Training in dot net from CETPA Infotech. One of the best Training company for students as well professionals. I specially thanks to my mentor and supportive cetpa team Thanks CETPA for placing me in a good Company


          Thursday, 12 April 2018

          Best Summer Training Company For Engineering Student

          The only source of knowledge is experience and trainers at CETPA makes them the best summer industrial training company. I have enrolled myself for .Net training and my mentor was Anil sir a person with unmatched skills and excellent way of mentoring which makes learning ease. My post summer training support at cetpa was seamless and this is why it is the best summer training in Noida & Delhi Ncr. I strongly recommend everyone to join this No 1 summer training institute in Noida for best learning experience. Thanks Cetpa Team

          Devyani Singh

          Thursday, 28 June 2018

          Best Sumer Training Institute In Delhi NCR

          I have done Summer Training from here. I have learnt a lot in this training and this is possible only by the help of Rajeev sir .He is a great trainer with unmatched skills.No one can teach this course better than Rajeev sir .Thnx Cetpa and specially thnx to Rajeev sir.


          Thursday, 23 March 2017

          Summer Training In Delhi NCR

          Had a great experience in this Institute….although I found this place far better in terms of Faculties, technical skills and plus point was Projects.I will prefer others to join this one only.


          Tuesday, 25 April 2017

          Summer Training In Noida

          I love CETPA. If someone looking for cetpa feedback I can give 101 out of 100 to CETPA. I learnt one Electronics course and one IT course from cetpa. I am an engineering Student from Banglore and undergone summer training in Noida at cetpa. I can assure that cetpa is the best summer Training institute in noida. Either u call it best summer industrial training company in Delhi NCR. CETPA is best. Trainers at cetpa are very cooperative. If u want to go for summer training then don’t look here and there and join cetpa. Tx cetpa for giving me an opportunity that I joined best summer training company in Noida. Hats off to my trainers and management at cetpa noida.


          Monday, 01 May 2017

          Summer Training Institute In Noida

          CETPA is really the best summer training company in Delhi NCR. I am very happy that I got trained in CETPA and finally placed in Google. Today my package is USD 5000 per month. So my suggestion to all the readers of this feedback is to join CETPA for all your training needs. Only Genuine Best Summer Training Institute in Delhi NCR.

          Anamika Arora Working At Google India

          Friday, 05 May 2017

          Best Summer Training Institute In Noida

          I learnt International Certification Training at CETPA Noida. Initially my college teacher suggested me to go to a local institute but later I got to know that he was being paid by local institute. Thank God my cousin working in Facebook suggested me to go CETPA and learn genuine training in noida. I learnt best summer Training in Noida at cetpa. Really it helped me a lot and anywhere I go I am asked whether I have Certification from Microsoft Oracle Comptia or other and at CETPA I joined summer training and got Certification. Regards

          Neelima Khattar

          Friday, 05 May 2017

          Best Summer Training Institute In Delhi NCR

          Working at Paytm, Last Job Linked. Summer training at CETPA. CETPA is the best summer training centre. I learners a lot during my summer training. Trainers r highly experienced. Training was provided with online certification.



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