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    Training Features


    Instructor-Led Sessions

    Experience the power of our instructor-led sessions, where engaging discussions and well-structured content delivery promote mastery of skills and knowledge.

    Real-Life Case Studies

    Begin your journey of learning with real-life case studies that illuminate the intersection of theory and reality.


    Elevate your learning journey with our wide range of assignments, curated to build adaptability and academic excellence.

    Live Projects

    Maximize your skill development with our live projects, providing hands-on experience and personalized guidance from industry professionals in real-time.

    Connect with 2 Lakh + Alumni

    Explore the industry landscape confidently with our industry connect connectivity, allowing you to develop meaningful connections and acquire practical experience.

    Govt. Recognized Certification

    Secure your road to success with our industry-recognized certification, a symbol of excellence and proficiency.

    Dedicated Placement Support

    Maximize your career opportunities with our dedicated placement assistance, guaranteeing your seamless transition into the professional world.

    App-Based Learning

    Stay connected to your studies with our learning app, optimized for both Android and iOS platforms, delivering learning resources at your convenience.
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    Step into a world of unmatched quality and precision at CETPA - a CMMI Level 5 Company, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step!


    Summer training is an intensive program designed to equip students with practical skills in their chosen field. It typically involves classroom learning combined with hands-on projects, workshops, and industry simulations. Summer training programs bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired in academics and the real-world demands of the professional landscape.

    Download the brochure from the button below, which offers information about CETPA Infotech’s summer course in Delhi, including course names, schedules, fees, and more, for a good understanding of the same. This brochure is a foundational document that will help you make an informed decision.

    Summer training in Delhi offers various benefits for students, equipping them with valuable tools and experiences that propel them forward in their academic and professional pursuits. Here are some of the key advantages:

    1. Skill Development: Summer training goes beyond theoretical knowledge, providing a platform to hone existing skills and acquire new ones. This can be particularly valuable in fields like:
      1. Information Technology (IT): Learn programming languages, explore into cloud computing, or master cybersecurity fundamentals.
      2. Data Science and Analytics: Gain expertise in data analysis tools, visualisation techniques, and statistical methods.
      3. Digital Marketing: Develop skills in social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing strategies.
      4. Management and Finance: Enhance your understanding of financial modelling, business communication, and leadership principles.
    2. Practical Experience: Unlike traditional classroom learning, summer training emphasises learning by doing. Summer courses incorporate interactive workshops, case studies, and hands-on projects that allow you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. This practical experience equips you with the ability to:
      1. Solve problems creatively and effectively.
      2. Work collaboratively in a team environment.
      3. Manage time efficiently and meet deadlines.
    3. Industry Exposure: Summer training programs often bridge the gap between academia and the professional world. Here's how:
      1. Guest Lectures: Renowned industry professionals or experienced practitioners may deliver lectures, providing valuable insights into current trends, challenges, and opportunities within your chosen field.
      2. Industry Visits: Some summer courses may organise visits to companies or organisations, allowing you to witness firsthand how theoretical concepts are applied in a real-world setting. This exposure broadens your understanding of the industry culture and work environment.
    4. Resume Booster: A summer training certificate adds significant weight to your resume. It demonstrates your dedication to professional development, your eagerness to learn new skills, and your exposure to relevant industry trends. This can be a game-changer when applying for:
      1. Internships: A strong resume showcasing relevant skills can significantly increase your chances of landing a coveted internship opportunity.
      2. Placements: When applying for full-time placements after graduation, employers often seek candidates with practical experience and a demonstrated passion for continuous learning. Summer training can help you stand out from the crowd.
      3. Graduate Studies: For students aiming for higher education, summer training can showcase your research skills, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to a specific field.
    5. Networking Opportunities: Summer training programs provide a platform to connect with a diverse range of individuals. You'll have the opportunity to interact with:
      1. Fellow Students: Connect with peers who share your interests and career aspirations. These connections can be valuable sources of support and information throughout your academic and professional journey.
      2. Experienced Trainers: Learn from industry professionals who can share their knowledge and experiences, offering valuable career guidance.
      3. Industry Representatives: Guest lecturers or company personnel you meet during industry visits can potentially become valuable professional connections for the future.

    While numerous summer training programs exist, CETPA Infotech stands out as the premier choice for students seeking to propel their academic and professional aspirations. Here's why CETPA Infotech's summer training program in Delhi is the perfect platform to cultivate your skillset and gain a competitive edge:

    1. Industry-Leading Expertise: Learn from a distinguished faculty of industry veterans. Our instructors possess extensive experience in their respective fields and a passion for knowledge transfer. They'll guide you through the intricacies of your chosen domain, ensuring you grasp not only the theoretical concepts but also the practical applications.
    2. Future-Proof Curriculum: Dive into a meticulously designed curriculum that stays ahead of the curve. CETPA Infotech continuously updates its programs to incorporate the latest technologies and industry trends. This ensures you graduate with in-demand skills that are highly sought-after by employers.
    3. Practical Learning Focus: Go beyond theory and dive into the world of practical application. CETPA's summer training program emphasises hands-on learning through interactive sessions, real-world projects, and engaging workshops. You'll gain the confidence and skills to tackle real-world challenges from day one in your chosen career path.
    4. Unparalleled Placement Assistance: Landing your dream job becomes a smoother journey with CETPA. We leverage our vast network of industry partners to provide you with exclusive placement opportunities. Our dedicated placement team also offers personalised career guidance, resume writing workshops, and mock interview sessions to prepare you to ace your job search.
    5. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Train in a stimulating and technologically advanced learning environment. CETPA Infotech provides access to cutting-edge equipment and resources, ensuring you have the tools and technology necessary to excel in your summer course.
    6. Personalized Learning Approach: CETPA recognizes that each student learns differently. We offer a customised learning experience that caters to your specific interests and skill level. Our instructors tailor their teaching styles to ensure you grasp the concepts effectively and maximise your learning potential.

    Summer internships are slightly different from summer training. Internships typically offer work experience in a specific company or organisation. While some internships may involve formal training aspects, the primary focus is gaining practical exposure to the day-to-day operations of an industry.

    The application deadlines for summer internships can vary depending on the organisation. However, it's generally recommended to begin your search 3-6 months before your preferred internship start date. This allows ample time to research opportunities, refine your resume and cover letter, and prepare for interviews.

    While both summer training and summer internships offer valuable experiences for students, they cater to distinct learning objectives and career stages. Understanding the key differences between these two options can help you choose the path that best aligns with your current needs and future goals.

    1. Summer Training: The primary focus of summer training is on skill development. Programs are designed to equip you with specific technical or practical skills relevant to your chosen field. This could involve learning new software applications, mastering design principles, or gaining proficiency in financial modelling.
    2. Summer Internship: Summer internships, on the other hand, prioritise practical work experience. You'll be placed within a company or organisation, working alongside professionals and contributing to ongoing projects. This experience allows you to observe real-world operations, learn about company culture, and gain valuable insights into your chosen industry.
    1. Summer Training: Summer training certification programs typically range in duration from a few weeks to a few months. The specific length will depend on the complexity of the skills being taught and the depth of learning offered. Shorter programs provide a foundational introduction, while longer programs allow for more in-depth skill development and project work.
    2. Summer Internship: Internships can vary significantly in length, ranging from a few weeks to several months. Shorter internships provide a brief exposure to the industry, while longer internships offer a more immersive experience, allowing you to take on greater responsibilities and contribute more meaningfully to projects.
    1. Summer Training: Summer training certification programs follow a more structured curriculum. They typically involve a combination of classroom lectures, hands-on workshops, and individual or group projects. This structured approach ensures a well-rounded learning experience that covers both theoretical concepts and practical application.
    2. Summer Internship: Internships offer a less structured environment, replicating the day-to-day operations of a company. You'll be assigned tasks and projects under the supervision of experienced professionals. While some internships may involve formal training components, the primary focus is on learning through on-the-job experience and active participation.
    Learning Outcomes
    1. Summer Training: The primary learning outcome of summer training is the acquisition of specific skills in a particular area. Upon completion, you'll be able to demonstrate proficiency in those skills through projects or assessments.
    2. Summer Internship: Internships provide a broader range of learning outcomes. You'll gain industry exposure, develop soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, and learn about the work culture within a specific company or organisation.
    1. Summer Training: Compensation for summer training programs can vary widely. Some programs may be entirely free, while others may require a fee to cover training materials and resources.
    2. Summer Internship: Internship compensation practices also vary. Some companies may offer paid internships, while others might offer stipends or academic credit. There are also unpaid internships, which can still be valuable for gaining experience, especially for students in the early stages of their academic journey.

    Summer training programs offer a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance your academic and professional development. Here's a closer look at some key features that make these programs so valuable:

    1. Variety of Programs: Training institutes cater to a wide range of academic disciplines and career interests. You'll find programs in engineering (software, mechanical, civil, etc.), information technology (web development, data science, cybersecurity), management (marketing, finance, human resources), design (graphic design, UI/UX design), and many more. This allows you to choose a program that aligns perfectly with your academic background and future career aspirations.
    2. Flexible Schedules: Recognizing that students often juggle academic commitments with other responsibilities, many institutes offer training programs with flexible schedules. You can find programs offered on weekdays (mornings, evenings, or both), weekends, or even intensive full-time options. This flexibility allows you to tailor your training experience to your existing schedule without sacrificing valuable learning opportunities.
    3. Experienced Trainers: Summer training programs are typically led by seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience. These trainers possess a deep understanding of the current job market and the specific skills employers seek. Their expertise ensures you receive high-quality instruction that is relevant and practical.
    4. Project-Based Learning: Modern training programs go beyond traditional classroom lectures. Many institutes incorporate project-based learning into their curriculum. This allows you to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios by working on individual or group projects. Project-based learning fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills – all highly sought after by employers.
    5. Industry Visits and Guest Lectures: Training programs often include industry visits or guest lectures by professionals from leading companies. These sessions provide an opportunity to gain firsthand insights into actual industry practices and network with individuals working in your chosen field. This exposure allows you to understand the dynamic nature of your chosen industry and the potential career paths you can pursue.
    6. Certification and Recognition: Upon successful completion of the training program, you'll receive a summer training certificate of participation or completion. This certification serves as a valuable credential that showcases your commitment to professional development and your acquired skills to potential employers.

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      CETPA, The Best Summer Training Institute in Delhi NCR, offers courses in following modes.

      Delivery ModeLocationCourse DurationSchedule (New Batch Starting)
      Classroom Training (Regular/ Weekend Batch)*Noida/ *Roorkee/ *Dehradun4/6/12/24 WeeksNew Batch Wednesday/ Saturday
      *Instructor-Led Online TrainingOnline40/60 HoursEvery Saturday or as per the need
      *Virtual Online TrainingOnline40/60 Hours24x7 Anytime
      College Campus TrainingIndia or Abroad40/60 HoursAs per Client’s need
      Corporate Training (Fly-a-Trainer)Training in India or AbroadAs per needCustomized Course Schedule

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      The duration varies depending on the program and institute. Summer training online programs typically last anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months.
      Summer training is crucial for developing valuable skills and gaining industry exposure, both of which significantly enhance your resume and prepare you for future career endeavours.
      Summer training internship compensation practices vary. Some may be paid, while others offer stipends or academic credit.
      CETPA Infotech is the best online summer training company in Noida.
      The sufficiency of a 6-week summer training program depends on your learning objectives and the program's structure. Shorter programs can still be valuable for introducing you to new skills and concepts. However, for in-depth learning and practical application, a longer program (8-12 weeks) might be more beneficial.
      Summer industrial training is a type of summer training program specifically designed for engineering students. Offered by engineering colleges in collaboration with companies, these programs provide students with practical exposure to real-world engineering applications within an industrial setting.
      Application deadlines for summer training programs can vary depending on the institute. However, it's generally recommended to start your research and applications 2-3 months before the program's commencement date.

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      • Get Interviews & Get Hired

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          Kirti Sharma

          Friday, 10 Jan 2024

          Best Summer Training Institute In Delhi NCR

          Hi. My name is Kirti. I have done my Summer Training in .NET from CETPA. Today I am placed with one of the top MNC. Thanks CETPA!

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          Sanjay Shekhon

          Friday, 09 June 2023

          Summer Training In Delhi

          I have completed my summer training in python under superior & talented faculty, who support the students efficiently which make students confident in their respective concepts. So I think it is best in class approach towards students it make faculty best in its role. I wish this positive approach will continue with the position vision.

          Vashu Sharma

          Sunday, 09 July 2023

          Summer Training In Noida

          I have done Autocad training from cetpa my experience was good mr trainer teaching is excellent had a wonderful experience in this institute….i found this place better in terms of facilities, technical skills and live project’s

          Deepika Krishna

          Tuesday, 18 July 2023

          Summer Training

          The staff have a good experience.. Good for training .. As I have done c, thanks for kartik sir who make great efforts to teach students…thankyou..


          Tuesday, 13 March 2018

          Best Summer Training For CSE Students

          Hi, I have done my Summer Training in dot net from CETPA Infotech. One of the best Training company for students as well professionals. I specially thanks to my mentor and supportive cetpa team Thanks CETPA for placing me in a good Company


          Thursday, 12 April 2018

          Best Summer Training Company For Engineering Student

          The only source of knowledge is experience and trainers at CETPA makes them the best summer industrial training company. I have enrolled myself for .Net training and my mentor was Anil sir a person with unmatched skills and excellent way of mentoring which makes learning ease. My post summer training support at cetpa was seamless and this is why it is the best summer training in Noida & Delhi Ncr. I strongly recommend everyone to join this No 1 summer training institute in Noida for best learning experience. Thanks Cetpa Team

          Devyani Singh

          Thursday, 28 June 2018

          Best Sumer Training Institute In Delhi NCR

          I have done Summer Training from here. I have learnt a lot in this training and this is possible only by the help of Rajeev sir .He is a great trainer with unmatched skills.No one can teach this course better than Rajeev sir .Thnx Cetpa and specially thnx to Rajeev sir.


          Thursday, 23 March 2017

          Summer Training In Delhi NCR

          Had a great experience in this Institute….although I found this place far better in terms of Faculties, technical skills and plus point was Projects.I will prefer others to join this one only.


          Tuesday, 25 April 2017

          Summer Training In Noida

          I love CETPA. If someone looking for cetpa feedback I can give 101 out of 100 to CETPA. I learnt one Electronics course and one IT course from cetpa. I am an engineering Student from Banglore and undergone summer training in Noida at cetpa. I can assure that cetpa is the best summer Training institute in noida. Either u call it best summer industrial training company in Delhi NCR. CETPA is best. Trainers at cetpa are very cooperative. If u want to go for summer training then don’t look here and there and join cetpa. Tx cetpa for giving me an opportunity that I joined best summer training company in Noida. Hats off to my trainers and management at cetpa noida.


          Monday, 01 May 2017

          Summer Training Institute In Noida

          CETPA is really the best summer training company in Delhi NCR. I am very happy that I got trained in CETPA and finally placed in Google. Today my package is USD 5000 per month. So my suggestion to all the readers of this feedback is to join CETPA for all your training needs. Only Genuine Best Summer Training Institute in Delhi NCR.

          Anamika Arora Working At Google India

          Friday, 05 May 2017

          Best Summer Training Institute In Noida

          I learnt International Certification Training at CETPA Noida. Initially my college teacher suggested me to go to a local institute but later I got to know that he was being paid by local institute. Thank God my cousin working in Facebook suggested me to go CETPA and learn genuine training in noida. I learnt best summer Training in Noida at cetpa. Really it helped me a lot and anywhere I go I am asked whether I have Certification from Microsoft Oracle Comptia or other and at CETPA I joined summer training and got Certification. Regards

          Neelima Khattar

          Friday, 05 May 2017

          Best Summer Training Institute In Delhi NCR

          Working at Paytm, Last Job Linked. Summer training at CETPA. CETPA is the best summer training centre. I learners a lot during my summer training. Trainers r highly experienced. Training was provided with online certification.



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