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The process of generating traffic on the websites is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is the process of increasing the visibility of the site in search engines, whether the site search is organic, free, natural and editorial. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, displays the search depending upon the popularity of the site. The larger number of visitors means the more number of search results appear on the search engine.

Image search, Local search, Video search, academic search are some of the searches that a SEO professional targets. From the “internet marketing strategy” point of view, SEO focuses on working of the search engine, the keywords used in the searches, what are the trending topics and how to increase the visibility of the site.

Features of SEO:
• Increases the visibility of the site and hence attract customers.
• Helps in improving Brand Building.
• Increase the revenue of the site.
• Better ROI.
• 250 Million Websites, SEO stands out from the crowd.
• The results are Permanent as compared to advertisements.
It was the passion of Brian Pinkerton that created the first crawler named as Web Crawler, used to index web pages, which generated a list of 25 top websites.
• Lycos one of the earlier crawler based launched in 1994, by 1997 it had indexed over 60 million documents.
• Danny Sullivan was credited of launching Search Engine Watch to discuss all things which were searched on the net in 1997.
• In 1998 Google launched Pagerank also known as “Link Juice” in order to rank pages more accurately.
• In 2000 Google launched Ad words as CPM model and generates paid links, quotes and more languages.
• Google also launched Pagerank Toolbar which helped SEOs to rank and record their Pagerank.
• In 2003, Google launched Ad sense which was contextual advertising and many SEO began taking advantage by developing MFA (made for ad sense sites).
• In 2005, Google announces Google analytics which gave SEO experts to track their performance.
Since SEO deals with internet marketing, therefore the demand is immense as marketing field is evergreen particularly online marketing as companies whether small or big focus on promoting their product at the larger level. Individuals skilled in SEO can work as Internet Marketing Manager or a SEO manager in various companies.

There are a lot of SEO training companies which require professionals skilled in optimization. Recent researches shows that organic (unpaid search) generates nearly half the traffic, almost 5 times more than the social networks. This can be achieved only by top professionals. Hence SEO experts having certification in technology are in great demand.
Learning SEO techniques is an interesting and rewarding from the industry point of view. In order to get a good glimpse of the technology one should start learning the basics. In SEO field, there are two types of techniques:
• On page
• Off Page

The students should focus on both the techniques so that they develop good command over the technology. In the case of “Off page” the students should learn to increase the visibility of the site and devise methods to boost the ranking. In case of “On Page” technique students learn the basic techniques of updating or changing the titles/pictures on the live website.

Join CETPA providing vocational training and industrial training to enrich your experience of learning SEO technology and getting placed in reputed companies.
CETPA has been blessed with students support for its quality training for the last 12 years. The company’s motto is to continue serving and training students in different technologies with excellent placement and support. CETPA provides international level 4/6 weeks summer training or project based training with its expert trainers and infrastructure support having training schools in different cities of India like: Roorkee, Meerut, Dehradun, Noida and Lucknow. In addition to these the company has certain excellent features worth mentioning. They are:
• Comprehensive course content on latest trends.
• Special emphasis on PPC concept theoretically.
• Ad words and Ad sense concepts are given special emphasis.
• Students avail the special and individual attention of trainers to solve their queries.
• Placement assistance in top MNCs.
• Online live classes to benefit foreigners and students incapable to reach centre.

When it comes to SEO training choose the best and learn with the best. CETPA offers short term SEO training as well as six months internship program and succeeded in imparting the technical skills among Indian and NRI students from countries like: Nigeria, Bangladesh, USA, etc.
SEO technology is very competitive as new and innovative methods comes into existence at constant intervals, therefore getting updates from the internet and forums will help the students in acquiring updated knowledge and trend. Below mentioned links are fodder materials for SEO that will benefit all the students having interest in SEO:
CETPA has superb placement record in all technologies. This is because of the quality training provided to the engineering students and the dedicated placement wing. It has been providing training for 12 years and generated a huge number of smiling faces who got excellent placements in different software companies.

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