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ANSYS software is simulated computer software which is engineered to analyse the design and to find out the stress and strain on the desired objects. It is developed by ANSYS Inc. and headquartered in USA. It is general purpose software which can be used for simulation of diverse disciplines of electro mechanical, heat and mass transfer, structural vibration, fluid mechanics. 

ANSYS Training deals FEA (Finite Element Analysis) which covers structural analysis (linear and nonlinear) and dynamic studies as well. FEA is used as a tool which provides a complete set of elements behaviour, material behaviour and equation solvers for diverse mechanical problems. 

It has certain features worth mentioning:
• It is used for building geometry with its pre-processing abilities and it can import CAD data.
• By opting for ANSYS Training, students can carry out Advance engineering analysis easily & practically with the help of algorithms and non-linear models.
• It is used for the thermal analysis and thermo electric analysis and involves acoustic, piezoelectric and thermal structure.
Dr John A. Swanson founded the company in 1970 and named as Swanson Analysis Systems Inc. (SASI). Dr Swanson wanted to develop software which could simulate static as well as dynamic and thermal (heat transfer) problems. For this software called finite element analysis for structural physics was developed.

As the company grew by leaps and bounds at around 10% and 20 % each year, it was sold to TA associates in 1994. The company was renamed as “ANSYS” as they adopted SASI’s leading software ANSYS as their main product.

Due to its success it has acquired companies such as Century Dynamics, CADOE, Harvard Thermal, Fluent Inc., Apache design solutions, EVEN, Reaction Design, Esterel Technologies, which clearly reflects the growth and development of the company.
In this competitive technological world, there is immense demand for higher efficiency and performance. Hence, manufacturers are constantly demanding software’s which can bring their concepts to life, so as to implement idea faster than the competition, and to optimize the productivity. So, it can be an exciting and rewarding career for students opting for ANSYS Training to optimize one’s capability.

Due to excessive demand of the innovative automobile designs and developments of aircrafts around the globe, the use of faster, powerful, high performance computing capabilities software such as ANSYS fluent can be highly rewarding.

The ANSYS Software is used by 600 companies in over 6 countries with its application in 23 industries. This clearly reflects the enormous depth of the field and the opportunities evolving in the market.
Some of the basic steps required to understand basic as well as advance level of ANSYS Training are:

• Basic knowledge of computers is required.
• Good Knowledge base in Design and Modelling.
• For structural analysis the concepts in subjects such as TOM (Theory of Machines) and SOM (Strength of Materials) should be clear.
• For thermal analysis the concepts of Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics should be clear.
• Good analytical skills in implementing the concepts practically can turn beginner into a true expert professional.

These steps are highly descriptive and useful. Engineering students should strengthen their concept and practice rigorously to be an expert.
CETPA is a pioneering ISO 9001:2015 certified training company offering technical learning to engineering students on 50+ technologies. We are offering the adequate learning of technology at Roorkee, Noida (Delhi NCR), Lucknow, Dehradun and . 

The company is well known for ANSYS Training course as the trainers focus on both structural analysis & thermal analysis of the components in detail. The ANSYS Training is designed by keeping in mind the requirements and expectations of the industry. CETPA offers flexible international level ANSYS Training to benefit every individual with learning of technology including 4/6 weeks summer training or internship program. 

Practical implementation of the design is an important issue in this field so besides providing qualitative theoretical concepts, practical training with the help of computer systems adds special mention in designing an innovative component. In addition, CETPA has certain worth mentioning features with reference to ANSYS Training like:

• Trainers train the students to be “smart workers” to be industry ready.
• Individual attention to each student is given to ensure effective learning practice.
• Theoretical concepts are rigorously taught so that implementing concepts practically becomes easy.
• Balance between theoretical and practical concepts is maintained according to latest trends.
• Placement assistance in top companies is given after successful completion of ANSYS Training.
• Online live classes reduce travel-related hassles of NRI students and interested students with virtual learning of technology.

The basic learning will benefit you to crack the job opportunity but to shine in the company with the best knowledge and impressive work; vocational ANSYS training provided by CETPA is targeted to benefit students with this. Short term course benefits the professional as well as foreigner students to have the learning of technology in petite time.
The links mentioned below contains discussions on wide variety of topics which can enrich the knowledge of the students. Please visit the link to get an idea about the topic:
According to FORTUNE GLOBAL 500 magazines, ANSYS products are used by 96 of the top 100 industrial companies. Some of the automobile companies are:

• Hyundai
• Honda
• Mercedes
• Maruti
These companies use the products of ANSYS for innovative designing of their equipment models. The ANSYS Software is used by 600 companies in over 6 countries with its application in 23 industries.
CETPA is the place where talent and skills of a student gets reflected in terms of the placement offered to the students. CETPA is proud to be the best training school in “High end technologies” coupled with excellent placement opportunities provided to students in top MNCs. The main focus of 6 months industrial training and internship program offered by CETPA is to benefit the trainee with the industrial exposure as well as experience. Ansys software testing certification is very helpful in grabbing the best job opportunity from the Indian and foreign based IT companies.

It has a well established placement wing which caters to the need of the students and brings in the top companies with excellent job offers to fulfil the student’s desire. CETPA has the privilege of hosting campus placement of companies like SONY, Ea Sports, Daffodils, etc. (to name a few...).

Below mentioned is the link containing list of placed students in top companies. Please visit the link for more information on placements. Click Here.

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