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Online Best HVAC Training Institute in Delhi NCR

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What is Hvac?

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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is a sub discipline of Mechanical engineering and it’s the technology used for indoor and outdoor/vehicular environmental comfort. It is based on the principles of Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, and Fluid Mechanics. It controls the ambient environment which includes temperature, humidity, airflow and air filtering.

The important features of HVAC can be classified as
  • It improves the indoor air quality.
  • It is used for energy conservation when used for long term purpose.
  • It helps in maintaining moisture consistency

Our Curriculum

The curriculum of our HVAC training institute in Noida is designed in a way to make sure that our students are not just able to understand the important concepts of the programming language but are also able to apply the knowledge in a practical way. CETPA INFOTECH is the best HVAC training institute in Delhi NCR. The course begins with the fundamentals of HVAC and will help you create a solid foundation of a successful career. Once the students are well-versed with the fundamentals, they then start exploring the endless possibilities that this object-oriented programming language can offer. The curriculum includes-

  • Introduction to fundamentals of HVAC programming
  • HVAC Objects and Classes
  • The Object Class
  • Inheritance
  • Applets
  • Exception handling
  • Packages
  • Threads
  • Basics of Swing and AWT
  • I/O Package
  • Basic networking concepts

While there are a number of institutes offering HVAC training in Delhi NCR, CETPA Infotech has been able to stay at the top position on a consistent basis.It is the best HVAC training in Delhi NCR. Our focus on creating a learning environment, combined with our experienced team of professionals and world- class infrastructure has helped us deliver the best to our students and has made us the best HVAC training center in Noida

History of HVAC

History of air conditioning can be traced back to 1758, when the concept of cooling effect was discovered, and then gradually improved with contribution of eminent scientists. But it was “Willis Haviland Carrier” who is credited of launching the modern idea of air conditioning.

Apollo Guidance Computer was the first recognizable modern embedded system developed by Charles Stark Drapper at the MIT Instrumentation Library in around 1960s, which involved the use of transistors and had a hard disk for the main memory. The basic timeline of air conditioning is

  • 1758 : Benjamin Franklin & John Hadley discover that evaporation of alcohol can cool down the object to freeze.
  • 1820 : Michael faraday makes the same invention by compressing ammonia.
  • 1902 : Willis carrier establishes the carrier AC Company of USA.
  • 1931 : H.H Schultz and J Q Sherman invent an individual air room conditioner that sits on a window ledge.
  • 1970 : Window cooling loose sheen and centralized conditioning comes to existence.
  • 1994 : Brands like Honeywell and carrier develops environment friendly coolants.

Career Scope and Industry Demands of HVAC

The Indian Infrastructure and construction industry has seen exponential growth in terms of quality and volume with the use of effective and innovative technology. The growth is estimated to be about 12% per annum which is double to that of the world’s average. It is estimated that in Asia-Pacific, India and China will overcome the average of the world.

The rapid growth of the industry will lead to generation of employment opportunities because almost all the companies and industries implement the use of HVAC concept. Hence, students going for HVAC training will have lots of employment opportunities.

Steps to Learn HVAC

Learning any language can be an easy cakewalk if we know the strategy of learning the basics. Therefore the basics requirement to master HVAC training includes the knowledge of basic electrical concepts such as Coulomb’s law, OHM’s law, emf, Current, Resistance, Power, rpm, 2 and 3 phase concepts.

It can be easily understood if one master the concepts of mechanical and physical stuffs like Work done, total amount of heat required, dry air, wet air and humidity concepts. Students should ensure that conversion of units involving mathematical concepts like KW to BTU and vice versa, temperature conversions from degree to Kelvin, area and perimeter of the objects like square, Volume of 3D objects are understood. These concepts will make the journey of HVAC training efficient and qualitative.

Expertise of CETPA in HVAC training

CETPA has been certified by ISO 9001:2015 which reflects quality education and satisfaction in its training and services spread across multiple cities of India: Roorkee, Noida (Delhi- NCR), Dehradun, Lucknow and . The company provides the HVAC training for 4/6 weeks/months and coverage of the entire syllabus is taken into consideration. CETPA also offers vocational HVAC training to augment the technical knowledge of trainee with more advance industry-led learning of the concept. In addition, it has certain worth mentioning features. Some of them are

  • Trainers teach from the basic level which makes students comfortable.
  • Sufficient discussions and doubt clearing classes give students a boost in their confidence.
  • Upgraded course content and study materials.
  • Placement assistance with the top companies.
  • Industry Interaction with the experts and industry professionals.
  • Practical learning with HVAC drafting and designing projects.
  • Online classes are offered to NRI students and interested students having distance related issued to benefit them with technical learning.
  • Training certification is offered after the completion of HVAC training.

CETPA is a “Training School” that provides international level learning that opens path for students having interest in HVAC training.

Tutorials and Learning Resources

These are some of the links which can help students in increasing their knowledge base and clearing their doubts. Learning can be fun if the method of learning is productive. It means taking help of the forums and sites in addition to the subject experts. Given below are some important links which can be good source of information for the subject

These links provide a good coverage of the discussions and the information’s related to HVAC sector.

Industries using HVAC

The lists of companies employing the use of HVAC are
  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu
  • Kenstar
  • LG electronics
  • Carrier Corporation
  • Panasonic
  • Toshiba

These companies have proved their credibility in the HVAC sector and the indirect application of HVAC at the larger scale is used by the companies like

  • Intercontinental group of hotels
  • Torrent pharmaceuticals ltd.

Students getting HVAC Training can hope for excellent job opportunities in these companies.

CETPA Placement Record

Placement cell of CETPA is well developed having well established contacts with various core companies, hence students get plethora of opportunities to get placed in good companies. The opportunities for the job are given on a full time basis and preference is given to CETPA students in the market.

CETPA has a reputation of providing the best placement opportunities to its students in top companies like:

  • Sony
  • Daffodils
  • EA sports (to name a few...)

It is blessed with well networked placement and consultancy wing which has good tie ups with various reputed companies who come to CETPA for recruitments.

Further in CETPA, students are given specialized technical six months industrial training as well as internship program and behavioural skills which become an asset for the MNCs.


To avail exiting offers and discount on our Hvac training program, you can mail us at query@cetpainfotech.com or call us at 120- 4535353. You can also visit our center to get your query resolved.


CETPA Infotech, an ISO 9001:2015 certified training company is the best option to learn Hvac. Since, they provide job based training and their training curriculum is at par with industrial criteria.


The duration of Hvac course depend on type of training mode you opt for, i.e. Weekday batch, Weekend batch, fast track batch or online batch. For free structure, you can visit our centre or call us at 120- 4535353.


Hvac is one of the fastest growing languages and has undergone a successful span of more than 25 years as far as its adoption is concerned. This success also reveals a promising future scope of Hvac programming language.


Becoming a Hvac programmer can be difficult for beginners, especially for those who have no experience of coding. By joining our Hvac Training, you can start learning the language


This training is suitable for fresher, graduates as well as post graduates. If you are a professional who want to polish your skill, then also you can join this training.


Anyone who has the passion to learn Hvac can join our training program.


CETPA has a team of highly experienced industrial experts who have sound knowledge of their domain and will assist you in completion of your live project.

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Training
  • Corporate Training
  • On campus Training

We accept all the major payment modes like Cash, Card (Master, Visa, and Maestro, etc), Net Banking and etc. UPI, Paytm, etc.


To get more information, you can mail us at query@cetpainfotech.com or call us at 120-4535353. You can also visit our center to get your query resolved.

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  • Heating/ventilating & Air conditioning
  • Fundamentals & basics of HVAC
  • Window AC, Split AC, Centralized AC
  • ASHRAE guidelines & its standards
  • HVAC Functioning

  • Basic Refrigeration Cycle
  • Vapour Compression System
  • Vapour Absorption System
  • Basic Air Conditioning Components

  • Compressor & Types of Compressor
  • Condenser & Types f Condenser
  • Evaporator & Types Of Evaporator
  • Centralised Air Conditioning & its Parts

  • Water cooled chillers
  • Air cooled chillers
  • Cooling towers
  • AHUs
  • Pumps
  • Humidifiers/ Dehumidifiers
  • Air Washers
  • Expansion
  • HVAC Control

  • AC Drives
  • DOL Starter
  • Star Delta Starter
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • Sensor / Actuators / Thermo state /Thermocouple
  • HVAC Control with BMS
  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Factor Affecting the air quality
  • Controlling for air pollutants
  • Ventilation
  • Study on Psychometric Chart

  • Psychometric Properties
  • Dry bulb temperature
  • Wet bulb temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Dew Point temperature
  • Specific humidity
  • Absolute humidity
  • Specific Enthalpy
  • Pressure
  • Building Heat & Cooling Load Calculation

  • Calculation for Heat Loss / Heat Gain
  • Sensible Heat Load
  • Latent Heat Load
  • HVAC Design Calculation

  • Water Distribution System
  • Calculation for chilled water & condenser water pipeline
  • Air Distribution System
  • Calculation for duct size
  • Soft ware’s using in HVAC Designing

  • Cooling & Heating load calculation using software
  • Calculation & duct size using software’s
  • Calculation of pipe size (chilled water & Condenser water) using software’s
  • Introduction to Auto CAD

  • Starting AutoCAD
  • Drawing Area
  • Command Window
  • Status Bar
  • Starting New Drawing
  • Dynamic Input Mode
  • Creating And Managing Workspace
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Drawing Lines & Circles
  • Erasing Object
  • Canceling & Undoing A Command
  • Inputting Data
  • Creating Basic Objects
  • Using Object Snaps
  • Using Polar Tracking And Polar Snap
  • Using Object Snap Tracking
  • Working With Units
  • Trimming And Extending
  • Objects To Defined Boundaries
  • Creating Parallel And Offset Geometry
  • Joining Objects
  • Breaking An Object Into Two Objects
  • Application of HVAC & Refrigeration

  • Hospitals
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Malls
  • Food Preservation
  • Cold Storage
  • Industrial Visit Regarding HVAC System

What are the benefits of doing a Hvac course?

  • You will get better knowledge of programming and how to implement it for actual development requirements in the industrial projects and applications.
  • Enhanced knowledge on the web development framework. Using this framework, you can develop dynamic websites swiftly.
  • You will learn how to design, develop, test, support and deploy desktop, custom web, and mobile applications.
  • Design and improve testing and maintenance activities and procedures.
  • Design, implement and develop important applications in a Hvac environment.
  • Increased chances of working in leading software companies like Infosys, Wipro, Amazon, TCS, IBM and many more.

Kumari Neha

4 Star Rating: Very Good

HVAC Training in Noida

March 18 2017

Best training company HVAC technology , I did my training and I was extremely satisfied with the delivery and trainers knowledge about the subject.

Mode/Schedule of Training:

CETPA, The Best Hvac Training Institute in Delhi NCR offers courses in following modes.

Delivery Mode Location Course Duration Schedule (New Batch Starting)
Classroom Training (Regular/ Weekend Batch) *Noida/ Lucknow
*Dehradun /Roorkee
4/6/12/24 weeks New Batch Wednesday/ Saturday
*Instructor -Led Online Training Online 40/60 Hours Every Saturday or as per the need
*Virtual Online Training Online 40/60 Hours 24x7 Anytime
College Campus Training India or Abroad 40/60 Hours As per Client’s need
Corporate Training (Fly a Trainer) Training in India or Abroad As per need Customized Course Schedule

Professional growth, increased compensation and validation of the skill are the most popular reasons why individuals and professionals seek IT certifications. Keeping this in mind, we at CETPA provide you with certification in latest and innovative technologies to help you to reach your certification goals.

CETPA is the official Training partner of Oracle, Microsoft, Autodesk, Panasonic and Nuvoton and thus provides Training as per international standards and curriculum. CETPA proudly provides you certification in association with our training partners so that you can validate your domain specific technical skills. Certification from these big brands will help you in grabbing your dream job.


For individuals and IT professionals:
  • Gives you an advantage while searching for a job and provide a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Ensure knowledge and skill are up to date and can be applied to the job
  • Provide credibility to those looking for a career in an IT domain.
  • Offer fast track to career advancement
  • Demonstrate level of competency
  • Professional Credibility as well as it demonstrates your dedication and motivation to professional development.
  • You are likely to stand out from the crowd and be considered to be successful in your positions.
  • Represent a well-recognized and valued IT credential that increases marketability and competitive edge.
For organizations:
  • Provide peace of mind with the confidence that certified employees have truly learned the skills necessary to do their jobs;
  • Express valuable credentials to search for in prospective employees, and can help retain top performers when offered as an incentive;
  • Offer a competitive advantage when the team is trained and certified regularly.

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