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Corporate training

corporate training

This is a competitive era where technologies and labor are out-dated within the flash of a second, leading to business complication. An organization can't continue employing new workforce all the time as this will build its expense. It needs a solution of this dilemma and corporate training has developed as an answer since this situation requires training employees with the cutting edge skill set, so they can justify their value to the organization. CETPA, the best summer training institute, enhances the skill of the working employees of a company by providing them Corporate training. Corporate Training focuses on professional development. Corporate Training teaches current employees new skills about the same job. Corporate training develops high contingency of getting promoted and expanding their value in the employment market.

• The answer is “YES”
• However, we must know the purpose and functions of training before we can use it.

corporate training
In training terms this means we need to develop programs to fill the Gap

Most trainings are targeted to ensure trainees “learn” something they apply to their job.

corporate training
Most trainings are targeted to ensure trainees “learn” something they apply to their job.

cetpa Team
Service Offerings:
• Corporate IT Trainings
• Embedded System & CAD Trainings
• Soft Skills Training
• Financial Services Training
• Retail Training
• Training Infrastructure
• Induction Training
• Training Staffing on Contract (B2B).
• More than 500 Clients Worldwide
• Delivered more than 11000 Man-Days Training Successfully
• 70% of our requirements come from our existing clients
• Methodical Training Process
• 100% Client Satisfaction
• Confidentiality and Integrity Assured
On-Site-training/ On-the Job-Training (OJT)
• At company/colleges premises.

Off-Site/Off-the job-training
• In house training or classroom
• Computer-assisted learning
• Interactive-video training
• Video conferencing, same as classroom except teachers and students are in different locations.

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