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Verilog HDL Training

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Verilog is a Hardware Description Language which is used to model complex electronic components. It is standardized as 1364. It is commonly used for two purposes. They are:
  • Design.
  • Verification of digital circuits.
It is basically used for verification of analog circuits and mixed-signal systems. Verilog as Hardware Description Language includes signal strengths and considers way of describing the propagation time which differentiates it from the software programming language. Verilog HDL is easier to learn as compared to VHDL due to emphasis on C language.

Verilog HDL is also case-sensitive and is not strongly typed. It has very simple data types but lacks the library management as compared to VHDL. It is a very important sub domain of VLSI and forms part of front end.
Gateway Design Automation Inc. was the company which started Verilog as a proprietary hardware modelling language in 1984. Verilog Simulator was first used in 1985 and was extended through 1987. The first major extension was Verilog XL which implemented the infamous “XL algorithm”.

The brief time line of the developments of Verilog HDL:
1984 : Gateway Design automation develops Verilog XL Simulator and language.
1987 : Synopsys introduced the Verilog based synthesis tool.
1995 : Verilog HDL becomes IEEE standards1364-1995.
1998 : Synopsys introduced Verilog VCS.
2001 : Revised version was published in 2001.
VLSI as an industry is highly rewarding for engineering students who have good grasp of the concepts and performing ability. The students trained in VHDL are in huge demand in India and abroad. According to the industry experts and joint report of India Semiconductor Association (ISA) and Ernst & Young, the semiconductor industry is expected to grow at 17.4% to reach around $10 billion in 2014.

There is a huge demand for skilled engineers to develop Field Programmable Field Array (FPGA), Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) and SOCs, so it becomes quite obvious that students should foray their career in this industry and get exposed to patent filing, invention disclosures and applied research.
In order to command the VHDL language, students can prefer to learn through certain proven steps. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have basic knowledge of Digital Electronics, so that moving further in depth of the language becomes easy. Students should learn the specifications of VHDL to get the brief idea, followed by learning the VHDL code and then the techniques of simulation are necessary to learn optimally.

Students should also require some skills like:
  • Good logical thinking.
  • Think out of the box.
  • Should have passion to learn.
  • Motivation to research on the topic.
CETPA INFOTECH PVT LTD is the leader in the “Specialized Training” brands of India certified by ISO 9001:2008 for its optimum quality training on 50+ technologies in Roorkee, Noida (NCR area), Lucknow, Dehradun and Meerut. CETPA laid its foundation in 2002(12 Yrs of Establishment) and has been awarded as the “Best IT, CAD & Embedded Training Company” by Big Brands Organization for 5 consecutive years in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively. It has a rich experience of igniting minds of the engineering students for 12 long years. When it comes to the matter of providing training in VHDL (a part of VLSI), the company has grown by leaps and bounds.

CETPA is a training school offering 4/6 weeks summer training or vocational training program to benefit students with technical learning offered with hands-on practical skill. Trainers at CETPA provide exposure and practice to students in algorithms section, in addition to the basic digital electronic concepts. The company has well developed labs which provides FPGA/CPLD hardware kit, and provides specialized attention to all the students. The trainers teach the students in a step by step method in which students master the three steps of Specification, VHDL coding and simulation.

In addition to all these the company does have some features which are worth mentioning. Some of them are:
  • Trainers incorporate the Knowledge in to the minds of students through hands-on Real time training.
  • Our online classes offer NRI and far distant students with opportunity to have better and complete understanding of technology by just clicking on their internet usage.
  • One-to-one training gives students 100% JOB assistance and time necessary to learn at their own Pace.
  • Training delivered by real time industrial experts having more than 10 years of experience.
  • Equip students with latest and most advanced industrial equipment, instruments and software.
We provide international level classes of technology that benefit Indian as well as foreigner students with technology proficiency. The short term course includes this learning and excellence in short time period, especially keeping in mind the benefit of professional employers and students who wish for Verilog HDL learning in petite time.
Learning can be fun if the method of learning is productive. It means taking help of the forums and sites in addition to the subject experts. Below given are some important links which can be good source of information for the subject:
The application of VLSI is used in Product companies, EDA companies, Design service industry and the companies using it are:
  • Intel
  • Cadence
  • Synopsys
  • Xilinx
  • Free scale
These are some prominent companies which provide job opportunities to budding engineers. These companies provide immense growth rate and well research and development labs.
CETPA offers professional real time projects for students in their final semester. Verilog HDL course completion and project completion certificates will also be provided upon successful completion of the internship program. We have partnered with major multinational companies to place freshers and professionals with our clients on their course completion. CETPA offers placement in companies like:
  • Sony
  • EA Sports
  • True chips Solutions (to name a few...)
If a student successfully completes the training in Verilog HDL, the student will have the chance of getting 2 or more job offers. It gives the students the value for money and develops their career optimally. In addition, it gives students the exposure required for a global career.

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