Exploring about Digital marketing? 5 Reasons to Join Digital Marketing Training

WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING? Digital marketing covers all marketing efforts that use any kind of electronic device with the internet. Businesses make use of various digital platforms such as media, search engines, social electronic mail or e-mail, and their websites to connect with current and potential customers. Here are some general areas that a digital […]

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What Skills You Need To Become Mean Stack Developer!

Mean Stack Training in Noida

WHAT IS THE MEAN STACK? MEAN is the full range of software for web development, comprising of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js (all the letters of the abbreviation are used from the names of the technologies). The most significant advantage of this stack is the innovative way of using the same programming language; in this […]

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Which Has Better Career Opportunities, AI Or Data Science?

Data Science Training In Noida

Modern technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and data science have become the buzzwords which everybody talks about but no one fully understands. They seem very complicated to a layman. All these buzzwords sound alike to a student from a non-technical background or business executive. People often get confused by words like ML, […]

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7 Good Reasons why our SAP Training Course is just Better

The demand of the corporate industry into new trending technologies serves as a scoop full of training to candidates from various fields, providing CETPA a great opportunity in brightening up the careers of candidates by guiding them through Training on such technologies.  One such emerging technology is SAP which stands for (Systems, Applications & Products) […]

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Are You Well- AWS Architected?

AWS training in Noida

What is the AWS Well-Architected Tool? The AWS Well-Architected Tool, also known as AWS WA Tool, is the service in the cloud that offers a steady process for users to review and measure their architecture using AWS best methods. The AWS WA Tool offers suggestions for making your workloads more secure, reliable, cost-effective and efficient. […]

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5 Features of Sap Training That Make Everyone Love It

WHAT DOES SAP STAND FOR? SAP (Systems, Applications & Products) in Data Processing was established by five German Engineers in 1972. SAP is the software which large corporations use to control their business. SAP has various modules each of which depicts a business process. SAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software product proficient of […]

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Reasons You Need To Start AWS Training

We all know that how difficult is to secure the highest position in an enterprise in this competitive edge, but it is possible when you are having extraordinary skills like AWS Developer, AWS solution architect, DevOps Master. Keep yourself exciting with AWS because this is the right platform for you if are thinking to make […]

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