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Summer Training for ECE Students


CETPA, Best Summer training Institute for EC/electronics/Electrical/Communication/ECE/Instrumentation/ET/EI /EE/EEE/Telecom Students offers 4-6 weeks and 6 months training to Electronics and Electrical students. We offer many training programs in EC/EE & all the programs are structured according to needs of industries. By joining CETPA, Best 6 Months Training Institute for EC/electronics/Electrical/Electronics Communication/ECE/ Instrumentation/ET/EI/EE/EEE/Telecom Students you will be able to get in depth knowledge of latest technologies for that Electronics Engineering courses.

CETPA, Best 6 Months Training Company for EC/Electrical/Electronics Communication/ECE/Instrumentation/ET /EI/EE/EEE/Telecom Students since its inception has been engaged in imparting high- end training to aspiring engineers and working persons. CETPA, Top Summer training Institute for EC/electronics/Electrical/Electronics Communication/Electrical/ECE/Instrumentation/ET/EI/EE/EEE/Telecom Students is a training platform which is a certified training partner of Autodesk, Panasonic, Oracle, Microsoft and many other big brands. It is located in Roorkee, Noida, Dehradun, Lucknow and Meerut.

CETPA, Top Industrial Training Institute for EC/electronics/Electrical/Electronics Communication/ECE/ET/EI/EE /EEE/Instrumentation/Telecom Students believes in empowering and enabling everyone from students to working individuals with the ability to develop and transform their ideas. Its training programs offer students the opportunity of learning under the guidance of industry- experienced trainers, in courses that are globally certified. CETPA, Top 6 Months Training Institute for EC/Electrical/Electronics/Communication/ECE/Instrumentation/ET/EI/EE/EEE/ Telecom Students also helps in finding the jobs for its certified students by organizing placement drives of top companies.

CETPA, Best Industrial Training Institute for EC/Electrical/Electronics/Communication/ECE/Instrumentation/ ET/EI/EE/EEE/Telecom Students offers training for following duration:


CETPA, Best Summer Course Institute for EC/Electrical/Electronics/Communication/ECE/Instrumentation/ET/EI /EE/EEE/Telecom Students in following locations- Roorkee, Noida, Dehradun, and Lucknow

CETPA, Best Summer training Company for EC/Electronics/Communication/Electrical/ECE/Instrumentation/ET /EI/EE/EEE/Telecom Students offers training in following courses:

Embedded System Training RTOS Training
AVR Training VHDL Training
Robotics Training Verilog HDL Training
ARM Training System Verilog Training
URM Training ERP Training
PLC SCADA Training System Verilog HVL Training
VLSI Training Wireless and Telecom Training
Advanced Embedded System Training  MATLAB Training

There are number of reasons which make CETPA, one of Best Summer Internship Company for EC/EC/Electrical/ ElectronicsCommunication/ECE/Instrumentation/ET/EI/EE/EEE/Telecom Students. Some of the reasons include-
• CEPTA, Best Industrial Training Company for EC/Electrical/Electronics/Communication/Electrical/ECE/ET/EI/ Instrumentation/EE/EEE/Telecom Students received the prestigious industry award for “Best IT and Embedded Training Company”

• Has been providing training and placement service for more than 15 years.
• You will get updated training course content according to industry criteria.
• Chance to Interact with Experts who have many years of experience in this field.
• 100% practical training as well as theoretical sessions.
• Opportunity to work on live projects.
• Flexible Batch Size and Timings
• Industry Recognized Certification
• 100% Placement Assistance
• Soft-skill development like communication skills, interview preparation and so on.


Training from CETPA, Top Summer Course Institute for EC/Electrical/Electronics/Communication/ECE//Telecom/ Instrumentation/ET/EI/EE/EEE Students provides the students with the advantage of gaining real-world experience. When the students will be facing their first job interviews, this summer or industrial training will be the most important experience that is taken into account CETPA, No.1 Summer training Company for EC/electronics/Electrical/Electronics Communication/Electrical/ECE/Instrumentation/ET/EI/EE/EEE/Telecom Students has also a very good and consistent placement track record. During the financial year of 2016-17 some of the most reputed corporate giants like Fiserv Inc. (NASDAQ listed MNC company), Sakri IT Solution, Jubilant Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd, Saraswati Dynamics, BrainSmith Consultants and many more visited CETPA campus for campus recruitment. Students are also provided with all sorts of additional assistance like soft skill, personality development during their summer training.

CETPA, Top 6 Months Training Company for EC/Electronics Communication/Electrical/ECE/Instrumentation/ET /EI/EE/EEE/Telecom Students has established its presence across all the major cities of Northern India like Noida, Roorkee, Lucknow, Dehradun. Noida is considered as the technical hub for IT professionals with maximum scopes and opportunities.

CETPA, No.1Summer training Institute for EC/Electronics Communication/Electrical/ECE/Instrumentation/ET/EI /EE/EEE/Telecom Students is the certified training partner of Microsoft, Oracle WDP, Autodesk, Panasonic and Novotan. CETPA, No.1 Industrial Training Institute for EC/Electronics Communication/Electrical/ECE/Telecom/ Instrumentation/ET/EI/EE/EEE Students has conducted Training programs, Workshops, Presentations, Seminars at more than 300 Engineering students. CETPA InfoTech has conducted on campus training programs in GALGOTIAS UNIVERSITY- GREATER NOIDA, MANGALAYATAN UNIVERSITY-ALIGARH, JAYPEE UNIVERSITY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY- SOLON (HIMACHAL PRADESH), ITM UNIVERSITY- GURGAON, ITM UNIVERSITY- GWALIOR, DELHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT- SONIPAT, MVN UNIVERSITY- FARIDABAD, VIDYA KNOWLEDGE PARK- , GAUTAM BUDH UNIVERSITY- GREATER NOIDA, VISHAWARYA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS- DADRI, SATYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY- PALWAL, IDEAL GROUP OF INSTIUTIONS- GHAZIABAD and many more…

CETPA, No.1 6 Months Training Institute for EC/Electronics/Communication/Electrical/ECE/Instrumentation/ ET/EI/EE/EEE/Telecom Students has also provided corporate training services for different clients like ISTS Inc. Research & Development Team of SAMTEL DISPLAYS (Biggest Display Device Manufactures of Asia), IKM INVESTOR, SPIRALOGICS (US Based MNC), ANU VIDYUT and many more. CETPA, No.1 Summer Course Institute for EC/Electronics/Communication/Electrical/ECE/Instrumentation/ET/EI/EE/EEE/Telecom Students has also delivered many software development projects for its clients like CEL (CENTRAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED) Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Government PSU of India, Media Lab Asia, big government IT Outsourcing Company and many more.

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