Pros and Cons of learning ETABS In 2020

ETABS Online Training

For any architectural, construction, or engineering company, ETABS is an increasingly crucial software tool that allows for multi-story building analysis & design. ETABS is a 3D modeling software for any kind of structural analysis and design. Using this program you can perform both steel structure and RC Structure.

In this post, we will discuss some of the important advantages as well as disadvantages of ETABS software for 3D modeling.


  • ETABS provides users for Graphic input and adjustment for the sake of smooth and quick model creation for any type of structure. To learn this, you can join ETABS online training.
  • Creation of a 3D model including the utilization of plan views and elevations, 3D model of any kind of complicated structure can be created efficiently.
  • With the help of alike story concept creation of the 3D model is very simple and quick.
  • Drawing of an object with most maximum precision utilizing snap command consisting of the end, perpendicular and middle, or some other options.
  • The creation of an object is very responsive for any sort of object like a beam, column, slab, wall, etc. with one click of the mouse.
  • Easy navigating through multiple viewing of windows. This feature allows you to create or edit your model very easily with a real-time view.
  • Build your model and editing has been easy through a 3D view with a different type of zoom option as well as a panning command for moving the complete model efficiently without any rotation.
  • Different view options of the 3D model including a plan view, any side elevation view, and also customization view created by the modeler.
  • Graphical insertion of the sectional dimension of any kind of shape and material through section designer. Almost all types of shapes of various members are available in this program.


  • While using ETABS, one cannot edit input file directly.
  • You cannot print and read input file as easily as STAAD software as no manual is available in this software.
  • In large models, some loads may be missed out. In fact, they are hard to check.
  • The method of Analysis is slower and consumed more disk space sometimes.
  • Shear design results used to be in terms of ASV/SV.

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