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Ethical Hacking is the method of locating weakness or potential threats in the system and improve the system security to minimize the act of hacking by potential hackers. It is also known as penetration testing, intrusion testing or red teaming. The ethical hackers have the permission from the organization to conduct the hacking in order to spot the weak points in the system and maintain the privacy of the organization.

Ethical hackers are known as White hat hackers. For an ethical hacking, the white hackers must obey certain rules:
  • The hacker should respect the company’s privacy and should only deal with the security issue.
  • The hacker should have written permission to explore the system of any organization for potential threats.
  • The hacker should report all the security issues to company, without leaving any faults.
  • The white hat hackers should show the moral responsibility of keeping the system safe and not revealing the information of the company online.
The history of ethical hacking can be traced back to 1960 when first hackers emerged and their first victims were trains. Similarly, a group of hackers emerged around 1970 who hacked phone lines. But it was in 1974 that the U.S. Air Force conducted the first ethical hacks, which was an evaluation of Multics Operating System. The brief time-line of ethical hacking can be shown as:

1986 : The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act cracked down on computer crimes and ethical hacking methodologies were considered illegal without contractual agreement.
1995 : IBM’s john Patrick coined the term “Ethical Hacking”.
2003 : OWASP releases the testing guide which included penetration testing practices.
2009 : The penetration testing and execution standard launches common language for performing penetration test.
In this global world of dynamic technologies many companies like IBM, Wipro, and Infosys are employing ethical hackers as a measure to curb potential threats. According to Nasscom, India will require at least 80000 hackers as compared to 20000 hackers present in the market. Many companies are hiring for conducting Audit and suggest Fixes.

Ethical Hackers are in great demand in information security companies and ethical hacking companies. There are certain promising roles like that of Network Security Administrators, Network defense analysts, Web security Administrators, penetration Testers, etc. (to name a few..).

Usually it is observed that professionals in these industries bag 40% higher salary as compared to their counterparts. Hence choosing a career in ethical hacking is a promising bet for all the students who want to prove themselves in the IT industry.
Ethical hacking requires knowledge of the Operating System such as windows and Linux which is used as a target and host respectively. So, students should ensure to learn to work with Operating System Software.

Students must ensure that the programming languages such as HTML, C/C++, Java, PHP, Python, ruby, Lua (game Engine) must be in well command so that execution of hacking skills becomes easy. To become like a hacker one must think like a hacker.

There are certain points an ethical hacker keeps in mind while conducting the test:
  • How well the security system of the organization is established?
  • Is there any weak point in the system which can be easily accessible to black hat hackers?
  • Is there any information on the system which can be exploited by the external hackers?
  • Are there any attempts by the black hat hackers to hack the organization?
CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. completes 12 years of delivering training to engineering students and working professionals in the year 2015. Our focus is to provide ‘world class’ training to our students and CETPA is today one of India’s Leading training school. We have a globally accredited selection of vendor authorized training and certification programs. CETPA has several physical & satellite training centers across India and is known in Roorkee, Noida (Delhi NCR), Dehradun, Meerut and Lucknow.

CETPA offer international level Ethical Hacking training course focusing on Indian as well as foreigner students from diverse countries like: Nigeria, South Africa, USA, Bhutan and more under guidance of expert trainers. Trainee can enroll with 4/6 weeks summers training program or short term course or different training program like vocational training, regular training, etc. are offered by CETPA depending on their learning skill.

The company has expert trainers who teach about the legal methods of hacking and ensure to build confidence among the budding hackers. Moral values and Ethics are the major consideration in ethical Hacking field, so besides providing qualitative concepts, training in different levels of hacking is taken into consideration. In addition, CETPA has certain worth mentioning features:
  • Specialized doubt clearing classes for effective concept building.
  • Theoretical concepts with live industrial projects are rigorously taught so that implementing concepts practically becomes easy.
  • We deliver best training course that closely fit in day-to-day issues.
  • We provide industrial training with instructors have extensive industrial experience.
  • Aim to provide the best learning experience.
  • Training would be delivered in Classrooms or Online: Benefit NRI students and students having distance distress.
Student’s satisfaction is our motto. We always strive to give our best. So students willing to opt their career in ethical hacking should join CETPA for fulfilling experience.
An educated individual is an asset to a society and organization. Learning is a never ending process and students must ensure to keep learning and implementing their concepts practically to mould themselves into true professionals. Below mentioned links can help students to increase their knowledge base, please visit the link for more updates:
Top companies have very large network of systems. In order to prevent any malicious hacker to illegally utilize the information and data, almost all the companies use ethical hacking concept by employing top level hackers. Some prominent companies using this concept are:
  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Apple
All the banking organizations and all the MNCs use the concept of ethical hacking to protect their large amount of data and critical information.
Since CETPA has been for 12 years in the training market, it has developed very good contacts with the top companies of the corporate world. Therefore, it becomes quite evident that the student who has good skills developed at CETPA can surely get superb placements. In order to assist students at every level of placements a dedicated placement wing has been established to cater the needs of students. To make the students aware and have the industrial exposure along with project knowledge as well as experience, CETPA provides six months internship program to students and after the program completion placement opportunity and placement pathway is unlocked.

Please visit the link for more information on placements.
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