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autocad Training
AutoCAD or automatic computer aided design is a computer software application that is used for designing and drafting of 2D or 3D objects. Earlier around 1982 it was used as a desktop application but as the innovation upgraded the technology, it was used in the form of web and mobile apps which is known as AutoCAD360.
AutoCAD is used across various industries. Its main benefits are:autocad training
  1. Used to design marvel architectures.
  2. Helps students to learn the dynamics of construction.
  3. Working on AutoCAD helps students develop imagination.
  4. Used to design superb characters in movies.
The concept of AutoCAD was developed around 1977-1979 using the software called Interact CAD. It was first released in 1982 and was developed and marketed by Autodesk inc. John Walker was the founder of Autodesk who purchased AutoCAD prior to its release. Since it was a product of Autodesk, by March 1986 it became universal microcomputer design program worldwide with functions such as “curve fitting”.
The main events in the timeline of Auto CAD are mentioned as:

Auto CAD version 1.0: December 1982 (DWG r1.0 file was introduced)
AutoCAD 2000 : March 1999 ( DWG 2000 file format was introduced)
AutoCAD 2006 : (Dynamic block was introduced)
AutoCAD 2013 : DWG 2013 file format
AutoCAD 2014 : File tabs, Design Feed ,Realty capture
AutoCAD 2015 : Line Smoothing, Windows 8.1
AutoCAD is an indivisible part of Mechanical and Civil engineering field, where you name an industry you will find its applications like manufacturing, construction, engineering, entertainment, natural resources, mechanical testing, etc. Its demand is immense and students having skills in AutoCAD can have wide domain to fulfill their dreams in any part of the world. Some prominent industries in which AutoCAD is in use are: autocad training
Automotive Design and Manufacturing: Top automobile companies Design their cars having aerodynamic with sculpted chassis and designing of bonnet area up to the optimum levels is done using this technology. Students having interest in automobile industry can have interesting career.

Auto CAD architecture (2D &3D) Building design: Civil engineers who have the knack of designing innovative buildings can learn AutoCAD to develop important and rewarding career. This industry utilizes Intelligent 3d software to design buildings.

Entertainment and VFX software industry: The use of Auto CAD is prevalent in entertainment industry to design characters like Spiderman, Avengers, Ra one and to design their body movements. Students who like Hollywood and Bollywood industry can contribute in the industry by learning AutoCAD.

Gaming Industry: Almost all the characters in the gaming industry is designed using AutoCAD to maintain the originality. The Gaming students should consider doing this course as there is a huge scope.

The demand for AutoCAD professionals is huge as the industries in which it finds its application is immense. Indian students having skills in AutoCAD are preferred across the globe particularly in US and Gulf to design innovative towers and design cars as Indian students have good imagination. Technological world is demanding a lot of skills, hence this skill promises a good career scope.
Learning becomes easy when you start from the basic level. Similarly, in order to be good AutoCAD draftsman, a step by step approach with certain soft skills is needed to succeed.

Firstly the concepts of product designing is brushed up theoretically, followed by sheet drawing with the help of a drafter, this is done to ensure that student must know the basics of design. And then after gradually learning the concepts on sheet, the students moves into designing on AutoCAD.
There are certain skills required for students to succeed in this field, they are:
  1. Imagination.
  2. Innovation to design.
  3. Passion to perform.
  4. Patience to look into technical modifications.
autocad training
CETPA the innovative technology training provider has experience of producing students with quality in designing the product. CETPA is now authorized training center-AutoDesk providing students with learning of AutoCAD. Trainee can attend CETPA training courses at purpose-built Authorized academic training centers- AutoDesk across the cities of India having training facilities in the following locations: Roorkee, Noida (Delhi-NCR), Lucknow, Meerut and Dehradun. The comprehensive coverage of the topics is the reason behind its success. The important domains covered by the company are:
  1. 2D drafting.
  2. Isometric drafting.
  3. 3D modelling.
Each of the domains is covered with extensive exposure to practical skills with good attention from the expert trainers at each level of development. It is ensured that the students gain good knowledge in the application of the skills learned in 2D drafting, Isometric drafting which is used to project 3D objects in 2D in technical and engineering drawings. It gives student the depth knowledge of the subject, and then student steps into 3D modelling to finally develop into true professional. Hence, CETPA moulds the student optimally. Working professionals can also enroll with the short term course or vocational training at CETPA “Authorized Certification Partner- AutoDesk” that will assist them to upgrade their learning of technology and hike their salary and position in company.

Some features of CETPA training school which sets it apart:
  1. Highly supportive trainers who are experts in the field.
  2. Labs are well equipped with Technological tools.
  3. Excellent interactions among the students regarding the subject.
  4. Highly structured course contents.
  5. As an authorized academic partner- Autodesk, organises Autodesk certification exam.
CETPA believes in quality training and provide innovative friendly environment. Hence, CETPA is the best option for students providing 4/6 weeks summer training and internship classes on AutoCAD for Indian as well as NRI students from diverse countries to get trained up to the standards of international level.
In order to step up the hierarchy of AutoCAD learning, students must start learning from the books like “AutoCAD for dummies 2013” by Bill Fane for the getting the basics. In addition, students should try to learn the skills from expert trainer so that they can go on a right path. Students can surf the net for some information. Some important sites which can give students a good information regarding AutoCAD are:
These are few links to help students to manage their growth in this field of AutoCAD training.
Top level companies such as NTPC, NHPC, DMRC, BHEL, BEL, EA sports (top gaming company), Car designing companies like Mercedes, BMW and Honda can hire students with effective AutoCAD skills and certification to design their product parts.

Many production houses do prefer students for designing the characters. So, students dreaming of securing their place in these elite companies can do a course in AutoCAD. So the domains are large, the only thing students need to think on is to develop skills in AutoCAD, to secure a place in these industries.
CETPA has a dedicated placement and consultancy wing which focuses on providing placement to students in various companies like Home town, Aryan Technologies. It has a good network with huge number of companies so students are relaxed and satisfied when it comes to placements. CETPA offers six months industrial training and online classes to students that will assist them including foreigner students with employment opportunity.

The placement offered to students is on full-time basis, so students develop valuable experience in their professions. For further information regarding placements, the students can click on the link given:

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