Artificial Intelligence: Worth The Hype? Can It Boost Your Tech-Based Career?


Introduction You’d be living under a rock if you don’t know just how fast Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming popular these days. It’s considered to be the future of the tech industry and has been growing at an unprecedented rate for quite some time now. So much so that even the havoc caused by coronavirus […]

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What Is the Difference Between PHP And Node.js: Which One is Best Suited for Web development?

PHP & NodeJS

Introduction Web development is a domain that’s known for its diverse and ever-changing nature. Since new and advanced technologies are emerging almost every single day, developers and programmers need to be constantly updated with the latest trends. However, it is quite taxing to know what’s best, which is why you need blogs like this to […]

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What Is MCSA And Why Should You Learn It?


Anyone who has ever been exposed to technology must be aware of Microsoft. It’s a name that goes hand in hand with technology, given the magnitude of its popularity. As a result, Microsoft is regarded as the world’s leading operating system for business. So getting certified in one of their courses is going to benefit […]

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What Is the Difference Between Business Analytics and Data Analytics?

business analytics and data analytics

Introduction Did you know that analytics is now the driving force for business development and transformation? Precisely because of that fact that it has been enabling organizations to create and implement new strategies. These creative and advanced strategies work towards enhancing customer experiences, improving growth opportunities, as well as providing additional revenue streams. However, analytics, […]

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Machine Learning 101: What Are The Benefits of Machine Learning and What is Regularization in Machine Learning?


The world of technology has experienced exponential growth over the years. In Particular, the Machine Learning sector is booming right now. Machine Learning is here to stay and thus guarantees high-paying jobs. Consequently, a good amount of aspirants from around the world are now opting for online machine learning programs as well as putting the […]

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