5 Reasons To Learn Python Programming Language


Java is one of the most used programming language. C/C++ Is common for beginners but Python is exceptionally different when compared to others. Python is a totally free language to download, use, and code. Its commands are mostly in simple English. Given below is the list of 5 reasons to learn Python Language

1. You can learn Python Easily and Quickly

Python is made for beginners in Programming. It is easy to grasp. It has very simple syntax when compared to other programming language like C/C++ or Java. Python code is often 3-5 times shorter than Java, and 5-10 times shorter than C++. You can read Python syntax even when you are not Python Expert. Python was designed in such a way so that it can be learnt easily by a novice programmer. Python also requires less code to complete basic tasks, making it an economical language to learn.

2. You can Build it all and that too quickly

You can build anything with Python. It provides a huge standard library which makes building program much easier since it provides standardized solutions for many problems that occur in day to day programming. Some of the famous application which makes use of Python includes YouTube, Pin interest, Dropbox, Google, and Instagram. Moreover, it only demands limited line of codes to get the work done.

3. Python has one of the most mature package libraries around

Python is backed by PyPI, which is a repository of more than 85,000 Python modules and scripts you can use immediately. These modules provides prepackaged functionality to your local Python environment and solve problems as diverse as working with databases, implementing computer vision, executing advanced data analytics such as sentiment analysis, or building Restful web services.

4. Preferred for Web Development

Web programming with python provides lots of choices as python has an array of frameworks for developing websites. Coding a program that takes hours in PHP can be done in minutes using Python. Web frameworks offered by python are Pylons, Django, Zope2, TurboGears, web.py, Grok, web2py etc. Python is the only scripting language you’ll need to begin designing your own websites and applications. Python is a versatile language; it can be used for small, large, online and offline projects.

5. IT Giants Prefer Python

Many big names such as Yahoo, IBM, Nokia, Google, Disney, NASA, Mozilla and many more rely heavily on Python. In fact, Python is one of Google’s favorite languages, they are always hiring experts in it and they have created many of their popular products with it. There is always a demand for Python web developers and they are offered some decent packages as well.

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