5 Steps to Getting Started with Embedded Programming

Embedded System Programming, one of the most crucial parts of current technology is getting improved along with technology day by day. People who want to start Embedded System Training generally have their interest because of two reasons:

  • They want to make their software affect physical things.
  • They want to learn the exact thing that’s happening down there at the bottom.

But the basic doubt which they face is how to start with Embedded System Programming. In this blog, we have discussed some of the steps which will help you in learning Embedded System Programming.


In order to learn Embedded System Programming, first, you have to select a programming language. Your first stage is to know all the options available and then choosing one from them according to your requirement and application.


The second thing to do for Embedded System Program is to learn C/C++ since most of the embedded system products are designed such that they support C language. C is easy to learn and a good start for beginners.


Microcontroller/microprocessor is the very important part of the embedded system. A microcontroller has RAM, ROM and some other peripherals such as timers, counters etc. Depending upon the application, first, choose a microcontroller. It depends on the hardware that you want to connect with. Moreover, the software requirements should be kept in kind while choosing microcontroller.


You need to know about electronic devices for learning embedded system programming. If you have no idea about basic electronics, it is almost impossible to design embedded system program.


For learning embedded system programming, you will need some equipment other than microcontroller and hardware which includes jumper wires, circuit boards, batteries, resistors, leads, soldering iron and some testing devices like DMM (digital multimeter).


The best method to learn is to practice. Before you start working on some real projects, try to work on small projects. Gaining knowledge of working on some small projects will aid you in getting familiar with the microcontroller and your components.

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