6 Reasons To Learn Java Programming Language

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One of the most common programming language, Java, is used to build Web applications and platforms. It was created for flexibility, enabling developers to compose code that would work on any machine, despite architecture or platform. According to the Java home page, more than 1 billion computers and 3 billion mobile phones all over the world run on Java.

Java is a greatly accepted and popular language for developing a variety of applications. Java is a platform on mobile devices. Java is the most important language and Java Certification gives the additional weight age in your resume. To get Java certification and to become a java developer one can opt for Java Online Training.
In this post, we will discuss some of the reason which emphasize the need for learning Java Language.

Java is currently one of the stable and mature programming languages. But Oracle Corporation regularly updates the programming language with the assistance of a vibrant community. Each latest version of Java comes with various new features and enhanced performance. In order to remain updated with latest features of JAVA, one can join Java Online Training. These latest features have made it possible for Java to compete with other JVM-based languages more efficiently.

Java is used to create applications and platforms for various devices, including gaming consoles, computers, car navigation systems, laptops, Blue-ray players, lottery terminals, medical monitoring devices, parking meters, and Smartphone. Java is also the chief language for networking, especially for data centers that store and transfer Web-based data.

While developing mobile apps, no developers can overlook Android – the mobile operating system with the massive installation base. The programmers have the choice to write Android apps in C, C++ or Java. But Google suggests mobile app developers to write Android apps only in Java.

The developers can moreover enhance the application’s compatibility and performance of the Android apps simply by writing it in Java. The developers also have the choice to use different tools and libraries to write robust Android apps in Java within a less amount of time. To learn how to make application using Java, join Java Online Training in Java.

Based on the C and C++-based syntax, Java is object-oriented and class-based. Developers use and adapt Java since the code can be run securely on nearly any other platform, regardless of the architecture or operating system of the device, as long as the device has Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. The JRE changes depending on the particular type of device, but basically it runs a “virtual” machine or environment, that turns the code into an application or program.

The security characteristics proposed by Java make it simpler for programmers to produce large and enterprise applications. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) determines the intermediate byte code to restrict the application from making unsafe operations. The developers can further avail the advanced security management Java characteristics to avoid the untrusted byte code from accessing specific features and APIs by running them in a sandboxed environment.

Currently, big data is one of the hottest trends in application development. Most corporations these days want the custom application to collect, store, access and share a large amount of structured and unstructured data effectively. Currently, Java does not own built-in features to make easy the development of custom big data solutions.

But the Java developers can take the benefit of Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Accumulo, HBase and similar Java-based tools to create custom big data solutions according to the varying needs of companies and the central point is that Java secures enough for developing enterprises applications.

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In above points, we have discussed the importance of java language. If you are interested in learning this programming language, then do visit our website and check our courses.

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