Key Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the ability of a machine to simulate intelligent human behavior. Artificial Intelligence or AI has broken into two groups : applied and general.

Applied AI refers to “smart” systems that address a specific need, like trading stocks or personalizing ads. General AI encompasses systems or devices which can handle any task that a human being can. These are more akin to the droids depicted in sci-fi movies. The subject of most of our conjectures about the future.


ML is a subset of AI and is powering much of the development in the AI field. Also including things like image recognition and Natural Language Processing.


In simple words, we can simply say that Artificial Intelligence is advancing machines smart enough to function as an ideal human brain. In AI, Machine learning, as its title defines, is involved as a process to make the machine operate a task automatically. Discussing deep learning, it is a method to machine learning online program for operating logically according to conditions just like a human mind.

Artificial Intelligence relates to the Engineering and Science of advancing intelligent machines that can run and react like human brains. AI is applied for performing many logical tasks in machines such as speech recognition, learning, planning, problem-solving, etc. To learn in depth about this domain, you can join Artificial intelligence training program.

During the evolution of computer science, humans started getting curious about a revolutionary question, “Can machines think and react like humans?” This is how it all started, and with the reference of time, it has now attained an unbelievable level of excellence.


Artificial Intelligence is the science that is focused on making machines smart.Which is enough to concise human efforts and solve traditional problems. Moving further to Machine Learning, is a basically a sub-shell of AI, which offers various techniques and models to improve AI. In simple words, Machine Learning is a part, where we train machines to do a specific task automatically.

Going deeper into Machine Learning, we get Deep Learning, in which the machine uses Artificial Neural System (i.e., Combination of Artificial Neural Networks) and try to learn itself without any input command. So, whether you are choosing Machine Learning or Deep Learning, you will be working to enhance Artificial Intelligence.

Now, if you have a lot of labeled data and high power GPUs and CPU. You can easily go for Deep Learning otherwise, sticking up with Machine Learning will be a wise move.


As per the above shown information, we can conclude Artificial Intelligence as a never ending journey of making smarter machinery. To become a part of this filed, you can join best Artificial intelligence online training . Advancing a man made human mind is unquestionable and difficult tasks. But the improvement in Artificial Intelligence start to go for it. Talking about Deep Learning and Machine Learning, both of these technologies are ways to obtain Artificial Intelligence.

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