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In earlier times, simply a plain college degree was the sufficient to bag a job. Now, the times have changed. The need of the hour is to enhance the skills of the engineering student so that they can be transformed into well-skilled professionals. This can be achieved by 6 months training. This training determines the future success of the students.

CETPA INFOTECH is a company which provides 6 months training in Noida to technical students. 6 months training involves getting trained in one particular technology for the duration of 6 months. CETPA delivers 6 months training on different technologies like Software Testing, Android, ERP, Java, .NET, Digital Marketing, AVR, MATLAB, Robotics, PHP, Verilog, PLC and SCADA, 3DS MAX, AUTOCAD, Networking, Oracle, Unix and much more. Apart from Noida, CETPA also delivers this training in Roorkee, Lucknow, Meerut, and Dehradun.

6 months training in Noida is important as it ensures equal distribution of time in learning the theoretical concepts and matching it with the industry requirements in terms of practical skills. It prepares an individual to face the challenges of the corporate world. 6 months training in Noida imparts important skills to its participants which are needed to survive in this competitive industry.

Upon the completion of the 6 Months Training in Noida, the participants are given certificates by CETPA which are recognized even outside of India. These certificates provide the competitive advantage to one from others and increase the worth of a candidate’s CV.

CETPA also guarantees assured placement assistance to its certified student on completion of their training. It not only arrange the interview for candidates but also guides the candidates on how to clear that interview by imparting soft skills to them in addition to technical skills.

6 Months Training in Noida by CETPA is delivered by competent trainers who have the complete knowledge in the particular technology. In addition to this, the company offers this training at a relatively low cost so that all the interested students can afford to join it.

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CETPA InfoTech PVT LTD established in the year 2002, is North India’s one of the best Software and Embedded development company. CETPA, an acronym for Computer Education and Technology Promotion Association and has established its subsidiary CETPA Technologies which now stands at a stage from where it is delivering Software Development Solutions, Mobile Application, Digital Marketing Solutions

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