Best Cybersecurity Certifications To Boost Your It Career

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While candidates with any cybersecurity certification would get a remarkable salary hike, there are top 5 cybersecurity certifications that would pay you the best in the industry. It depicts that the IT security market will grow significantly in the coming years. With the IoT products leading the industry, the spending on cybersecurity solutions is expected to increase globally.

It is expected that there will be around 3 million cybersecurity jobs by 2022. In today’s technological era, every IT job also is considered a cybersecurity job. This is because every IT worker or technology worker is involved in safeguarding the data, apps, infrastructure, and devices. Here are the top 5 cybersecurity certifications that will get you hired.

A candidate with a certified ethical hacker (CEH) certificate is a knowledgeable professional who can identify the vulnerabilities in target systems. He uses the same skills and tools as a spiteful hacker, but legally and legitimately. CEH Certification is recognized as one of the top 5 cybersecurity certifications and is obtained through the EC-Council. To obtain this certification, one must have 2+ years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. To study about this certification, you can join best Cyber security online training.

This is another important certification in cybersecurity that helps you accelerate your career. With a CISSP, you can efficiently design, deploy, and manage a top-class cybersecurity program. One can acquire this certificate through (ISC) 2 or the International Information System Security Certification Consortium. This certification requires at least 5 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry.

This cybersecurity certification lays the foundation in understanding cryptography, risk management, and handling vulnerabilities. Also, security+ leads way for intermediate-level cybersecurity positions. You can receive this certificate through CompTIA. You should have a thorough knowledge of cryptography and KPI; threats and vulnerabilities; identity, access, and risk management; and network architecture and design to pass in this exam. You can do so by joining Cyber security online training.With a certificate in security+ one can work as a Cybersecurity Analyst, Security Engineer or Consultant based on the years of experience.

Network+ (Plus) certification sets the base for cybersecurity. It lets you explore and understand what cybersecurity is all about. This certification offers great insight into how networks and systems interact with each other. One can earn this certificate through CompTIA and it is required for almost every cybersecurity job.
Holding a Network+ (Plus) certificate – one can work as System Administrator, IT Manager, and Network Administrator.

It is a pro-level certification that is considered as the crest of cybersecurity. LPT certification is provided by the EC Council only to those who are a proven master in cybersecurity. To procure a certification in LPT one must have at least 2 years of experience as a penetration tester or hold ECSA certification or have other industry-equivalent certifications like GIAC penetration tester, GPEN, or OSCP. LPT covers expert-level cybersecurity concepts such as OS exploits, privilege escalation, SSH tunneling, and multi-level pivoting.

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Cybersecurity is one of those industries that is expected to skyrocket with millions of job openings by 2022. There is a huge gap between the available vacant positions and skilled professionals in this field. Hence, obtaining one of the top 5 cybersecurity certifications would help you land in a job with great job security and a fancy package. Future-proof your career by getting certified in any of the above certifications.

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