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VLSI stands for Very-large-scale integration. It is commonly known as chip-design. VLSI is a method that generates integrated circuits by connecting thousands of transistor-based circuits into the single chip. It can quickly search an application in Communications, DSP, Microwave and RF, Cryptography, MEMS, Automobiles, Consumer Electronics, Robotics, Space Applications, and Health industry.

Today, VLSI devices are seen everywhere around us. Advanced VLSI chips can be found in our cell phones, cars, household appliances, medical devices, cameras, and many other electronic articles.

In this post, Let’s discuss all things you need to know about VLSI Training.

Need For VLSI Training:

As technology advances, the advantages of VLSI have made it one of the essential elements to drive devices around us. Cars, Cell phones, home appliances, and also gadgets or medical devices have advanced VLSI fitted in them. As the industry and businesses are expanding, there is a relative rise in this field jobs. Another thing that attracts learners is that there are chances of high paid jobs in this domain. However, only a simple engineering degree cannot get you to join the VLSI designing job. You have to master numerous other skills when you enroll in a VLSI design course. This is the reason why many graduates join the VLSI Training course.

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How To Enroll In VLSI Training ?

The training program needs hands-on demo and expertise and for that, you require to join a reputed VLSI Training classes In Delhi which can offer you high-quality trainers and have various types of equipment required. The first thing you require to do is note down the best institutes offering the VLSI design training program. The subsequent step would be comparing among them based on your duration, course type, location, fees, campus selection, certification, job assistance, etc. You should always search for a company which offers you with placement after the completion of the training. 

After comparing, you require to do deeper research regarding the one which is best for you. There is a simpler way these days for that which is online reviews and ratings. You get a very precise knowledge of what the past learners have loved and hated about the institute. It is very essential to make sure that only experts teach in the company.  Go through the website of the company to get deeper knowledge and see its domains of expertise. Finally, if everything seems to you assuring that is the training institute for you.

In short, steps

  • Select the best institute for VLSI Training as per your need & requirement by comparing different VLSI institute on various parameters.
  • After selecting the institute, you can either enroll in their classroom training program or online training program.
  • Also, you can either go for 4/6 weeks training or 6 months training as per your convenience.
  • Once, you enroll in the program, you will get the opportunity to work on live project.
  • After the completion of your course, you will get certificate of completion which will enhance value of your resume.
  • You will also be assured placement assistance after completion of your training & chance to appear in placement drive of reputed companies.

Career Prospect After VLSI Training :

VLSI Designers are usually hired by the firms involved in the following domains –

  • Electricals
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronics
  • Instrumentation
  • Computing
  • Information Technology
  • Automation
  • Production Control
  • Consultancy

 In the above mentioned firms, one may do roles such as –

  • VLSI Designer
  • VLSI Programmer
  • VLSI Project Manager
  • VLSI Consultant
  • VLSI R&D professional

6 Advantages of VLSI Training

  • Reduces the size of the circuits.
  • Reduces the actual cost of the devices.
  • Improves the circuits operating speed
  • Needs less power when compared with discrete components.
  • Excellent reliability
  • Takes up a comparatively small space.


In the end, we can conclude that professional training helps you in achieving your specific objectives, promotion or just acquiring additional skills. Picking the right course and the right institution is the beginning block to create a path leading to success.

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