Redmonk Releases the Most Popular Programming Languages list, Read who’s on Top

Being a programmer, we have always been inquisitive to know about the programming languages that are in vogue. Like you, we also keep our eyes to programming languages’ graphs. Furthermore, if you are a computer science undergrad and about to complete your education, then you need to be well-informed about the prevailing technologies.

Being the best training institute for the Python Training and Java training, we have brought you an article to assist you to pick the right programming language. In this article, the popular analyst firm – Redmonk’s report is our source.

The insightful acquaintance of programming statics helps you choose the decorated career. Talking about the past 20 years, Java and JavaScript have been the most favored programming/scripting language that continued on the top spots for many years. Since the entry of Python, the competition got fierce and now it appears that Java may fail to win the fight of the second rank in the forthcoming years.

A while back, a report on “top programming languages of 2020” has been published by Redmonk that reveals Java is likely to lose its 2nd spot in imminent days. However, JavaScript is still unbeatable.

According to this release, Python and Java Programming Language are on the second spot followed by JavaScript. It seems Python has added more fans as it is the first time this language has made it into the second.

This report is prepared by investigating the data from Stack Overflow and Github. Though Java and Python, both clutched the second spot, Redmonk’s investigators credit Python’s growth to its adaptability, dynamic nature, rich set of libraries, and clearness to write. If you are interested to learn Java Programming then you are at a right spot to choose between a Java Course and a Python Programming.

In addition to this, Python has been climbing upwards across different programming language popularity indexes.

Talking about other programming languages, Typescript has made it into the top popular programming languages, followed by C++, Ruby, and CSS.

Here is the visual depiction of the most popular languages of the first quarter of 2020 on Stackoverflow and Github.

Graph image by Redmonk:

The above plot points us the usage of programming and scripting languages on X & Y axes. Though the graph cannot be thoroughly parsed, the ranking that published by the Redmonk is following:

Let’s have a look at the programming popularity chart listed out here. The following table is prepared by analyzing the data of Stackoverflow and Github. 

  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. PHP
  5. C#
  6. C++
  7. Ruby
  8. CSS
  9. TypeScript
  10. C
  11. Swift
  12. Objective-C
  13. Scala
  14. R
  15. Go
  16. Shell
  17. PowerShell
  18. Perl
  19. Kotlin
  20. Haskell

Stephen O’Grady says that the higher the language is ranked on both axes, the more difficult to replace.

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The competitor of Python for data science and machine learning, R, has risen to two positions and it has attained the 13th spot with the Scala. The R’s ranking is also influenced by Python’s upsurge in statistical analysis. It has been observed that Python’s is the first time in the top two since 2012.

According to the co-founder of Redmonk, Stephen O’Grady, Python’s rise to the best spot ever should be ascribed for its dynamic usage and usage in AI-oriented programming. The survey by other agencies a while back shows the same.

A survey by Stack overflow developer for the most used languages on its platform shows that Typescript, an open-source project by Microsoft, is now gaining new popularity. So, if it is in the top ten, it could not be surprising. With advanced Javascript features, Typescript has risen to the highest than ever, as per the Redmonk’s survey.

Typescript offers great development tools for Javascripts IDEs and easier to code, which helped it to move into the top 10.

Other programming languages such as Kotlin, R, and Dart have risen to one, two, and three places respectively.

Rust has been one 21st spot for many years. Considered as the replacement of C++, rust adoption has gone so smoothly, especially in the past few years, it has gained a lot of attention from developers on StackOverflow.

Being a paradigm system programming language, Rust remains in the same spot. Though it is great to learn to deal with certain types of errors, its popularity remained unchanged. The experts stated that it may gain momentum in the upcoming years as it is being favored by Google.

Recently, Google has adopted Rust for the Fuchsia, a multi-device operating system; Rust has been preferred over the Go for the Fuchsia project, which will definitely be used by a large community of developers.

Kotlin has gained one spot as it has been accepted for the android app development replacing the Javeveloped by Jetbrains, the Kotlin is now a primary language for the android app development. Hence, the Android now comes with the in-built support for the Kotlin.

Google’s other language – Dart – has jumped to the three-place above in this list. GitHub’s report shows the same trend published a while ago. This language is one of the fastest-growing languages, considering the last 12 months trend analysis.

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The reason for Python’s growth is not only it is easy to write, but also, it has a multitude of applications in the field of artificial intelligence, data analysis, and machine learning. Seeing the current AI and machine learning is going to be the most sought-after career and as long as AI is there, Python will continue to grow.

This is the high time to start learning these top performer languages in steps to set-up a bright career. The report on language ranking is based on the report published by an analyst frim – Redmonk.

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