Top Programming Languages 2020 as per IEEE

If you’re a newbie in the domain of software development, then it must be tough for you deciding where to begin. Today, we have hundreds of programming language and each has its own advantages and difficulties.  So, it becomes a tough job deciding which programming language to opt for. Which language will be more suited to your interest, goal and career objectives?

One of the simplest ways to select the best programming language to learn is by understanding what the market says and where the tech trend is going.

The best way to do this is to follow the IEEE spectrum, which is the magazine for the worlds’ biggest professional organization dedicated to engineering and applied sciences.  IEEE spectrum has recently compiled a list of Top Programming Languages 2019; which is based on a wider range of sources than is ideal for such lists and weighted towards the requirements of IEEE members.

The list is quite different from others, since the other lists depend more massively on means of popularity like the number of Stack Overflow questions asked or the number of GitHub repositories.

As per IEEE spectrum 2019, Python is at number one spot. Python is also considered as a typical top 5 programming language in other lists.

The python success can be credited to its increase in new users in recent years, inspired mainly by the language popularity in the fast-growing domain of machine learning, which in turn has been inspired by simple to use Python libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Keras. The report also speaks about the rising use of Python on micro controllers, because of Python spin-offs like MicroPython and CircuitPython which are customized to the restrictions of these low-power devices.

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At number two is Java which is lately Android favorite, unsurprising provided its usual powerful showing.  Then we can see those ancient languages C and C++ at 3rd and 4TH position respectively in the list which is probably because of the number of EEE Spectrum members included in the low-level systems programming typically related with these languages. The increasing demand for data scientists and machine-learning engineers is once again possible, with statistical analysis language R ranking at number five.

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Interestingly JavaScript, which usually holds the topmost spot in language demand rankings is only number six in the table, perhaps because the main focus of the list is on engineering.

Further below in the top ten are Microsoft’s C# and Apple’s Swift. Another unique situation is the numerical computing language and environment MATLAB at number eight, which IEEE Spectrum sets down to the language’s use in hardware engineering, especially running simulations.

There is also some good news for those concerned about their skill becoming out-of-date as Fortran and Cobol rank at 36th and 44th respectively, although they are 60 years old.

So, it can be concluded from above ranking that Python is increasing tremendously and it will continue to do so in the future too. Python has a great scope and job opportunities in future. To secure your future, get a job in Python by joining Python Training at CETPA. The company provides job-oriented training in all latest technologies with the help of live project.

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